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Sam Boatwright

Sam Boatwright

Be Epic

A former marine, turned teacher, turned author and Epic Runner. Whatever the human mind can conceive it can achieve and Sam Boatwright shows exactly how. Born in the tiny village of Malham in the Yorkshire Dales, Sam is now a teacher in inner city Bradford. Showing the youth of today that any person can do anything they want if they are willing to work hard for it.

In 2012 and about to turn 30, Sam took on the biggest challenge of his life. To run 50 miles everyday for 50 days. The total, 2500 miles round the UK Mainland. The journey, the pain and the finish is written in Sam's book Smile Big, Run Hard.

A testament to what an average person can do when they work hard. We can all achieve greatness. Sam shows us the way.

This Maths teacher doesn't know how to stop. In 2015, he attempted to break the world record from John O Groats to Lands End on his push bike. The record was 44 hours, set by a professional cyclist. Sam bought a bike off eBay and gave it his best shot. He failed, not everything goes the way you expect. Sam talks about failure and how he has dealt with it and how he learns from it.

On July 24th 2017, Sam and his team set off to New York to endure his toughest challenge to date. To run and cycle from New York to Los Angeles. Running 50 miles one day and 150 miles the next on his bike. The challenge has taken him through Philadelphia, Washington and all along the iconic Route 66.

32 days of some of the most gruelling landscape out there - Sam describes all of the challenges that this massive feat of endurance brought, the ups and the downs. He shows any person out there that the impossible can be overcome with dedication and hard work. The story itself is one of true grit and complete focus.

Testimonials from Teachers

"It was AMAZING!! What a guy!! The kids loved it, and so did I. It was exactly what I wanted."

– Mrs Emily S G Callan, Teacher of Geography, York High School

"A true inspiration, the school buzzed all day after Sam had been"

– Jason Walsh, Head of Year 7, St Bedes and St Josephs Catholic College

"Inspiring, motivational and very very funny, get him while you can"

– Tine Gale, Head of Management, Craven College

"What a journey, an incredible feat of human endurance"

– The Teaching Staff, Upper Wharfedale School, Grassington​

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