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Raymond Lynn

Raymond Lynn

New, innovative and research led approach effectively educating and inspiring youngsters to tackle society's biggest challenges

Raymond is founder and CEO of Fair Football, an anti-discrimination charity which focuses on the influence and impact culture and inequality has on young people and society. Having immigrated with this family from South Africa to England at an early age, Raymond grew up in an impoverished community and experienced problems at home resulting in the divorce of his parents. Their family home burned down in a freak accident and he not being analytically gifted as well as being bullied at school - in combination with his environment - led to failing his GCSEs. He didn’t have any direction and was confused with his purpose in life.

He moved abroad and for a number of years, he worked with multicultural communities ranging from the Phillipines, Nigeria, Ghana, China, Russia and Poland. Enriched by this experience, Raymond returned to the UK and decided to study a BA and later an MSc in Business and Intercultural Communication. He was persistent in getting a place, however failed his first 4 assignments. He learned and worked hard and consequently received a 2:1 in Business Management for his BA and a Distinction in Intercultural Communication for his MSc at Warwick University. His research on previously unexplored prejudices in British Football and society further reinforced his will to drive change.

He now delivers sessions to Schools, Colleges and Universities – including Warwick and Loughborough University as well as schools and colleges in Coventry, Devon, Margate, Cheshire etc. He works alongside The FA (Football Association) in delivering mandatory disciplinary education across the Amateur and Professional game.

Given Ofsted’s feedback to schools in regards to the lack of understanding on British values, Raymond’s new, unexplored and innovative sessions have been developed to educate students on understanding their own cultural values and beliefs and how this drives prejudice, assumptions and stereotypes leading to hate and exclusion.

Testimonials from Teachers

"We were really happy with the session about British Culture that Raymond ran during our Welcome to Warwick programme. His session was engaging, thought-provoking and helpful for both our home and international students and clearly showcased the knowledge of working and communicating across cultures that Raymond’s previous studies at Warwick have helped him develop.”

– Simon Brown, Internationalisation Project Officer​

"Raymond delivered 10 sessions on Cultural awareness/Stereotyping/British Values to a range of students on Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 courses from the Hillfields area. The sessions were tailored to the meet the needs of the group, were engaging and students responded very well. Raymond used a variety of engaging resources, lots of visuals and examples. The feedback from students and staff was excellent, I am aware that one of the Learning support assistants present in the room during one of the sessions, recommended Raymond’s sessions to one of her friends who works at a special school in the city. We would love to have the opportunity to have Raymond in college in the future, delivering these sessions to all of our students."

– Adreea Csillag, Achieve Coach Supervisor​

"I went into this training without a knowledge of culture and didn’t really know what the word ‘culture’ meant. The training not only gave a basic grounding of what culture is, but internalised it through content being tailored to how I was raised. By discussing these cultural inclinations and tendencies, I found myself getting stirred up when talking about other cultures as well as my own. There were definitely divided and contrasting views about how we our ourselves are perceived by others, but also in how we see others. This is the most insightful training I’ve received. I will have more sessions so I can work on reframing the way I think to become a more empathetic, well-rounded person."

– Christina, Student​

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