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Nathalie Paris

Nathalie Paris

The Geordie French Storyteller Extraordinaire is available to help you and your pupils on your language-learning journey!

Nathalie came to England from France in 1992, qualified as a secondary school languages teacher in 1995 and has never stopped teaching at various levels since; however, in 2014 she decided to carry on inspiring young minds on a self-employment basis, and has since focused on supporting languages in primary schools.

She currently teaches French weekly in 2 primary schools and at Newcastle University; she spends the rest of her time supporting other schools, on a regular or on an ad-hoc basis. Nathalie discovered how much she loved presenting to large audiences through assemblies when she was a form tutor: “All different, all equal” was the theme of her first ever one, and it inspired her to do more and develop her speaking skills.

Nathalie’s first passion is working with children so they have a positive experience of learning another language and grow up to be open-minded about the world around them; her second is to support those who work with the children on a daily basis. She does this through assemblies, workshops, staff training, talks – both in person and remotely, both in schools and in conference venues.

Nathalie loves nothing more than sharing French picture books and bringing her puppets to get the children (and the adults!) involved and engaged in her presentations.

After she has worked with you, her aims are that:
• You, the staff and the children around you will be feeling enthused.
• You will all understand why languages play such an important part in the curriculum.
• You will know how to give languages the place that they deserve.
If you are looking to raise the profile of languages within your primary setting in an educational, effective and entertaining way, Nathalie will be happy to help you!

Testimonials from Teachers

“Nathalie is a very welcome visitor to our school. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she captures the interest of our pupils effortlessly in whole school assembly and in the classroom. Her storytelling has our students truly engaged. She has also inspired some of them to write and perform a French pop song which went on to win a national competition.”

– Clair Blackett, Specialist French teacher, Grangetown Primary School, Sunderland

“Nathalie has been a huge help to our school. Over a year ago she helped us to start our MFL journey. On the whole our staff lacked confidence and were very anxious about teaching French. After a number of staff meetings and a few
modelled lessons everyone felt a lot better and were keen to have a go at the games that had been modelled. She helped to advise us on a scheme to use that would both support the staff and appeal to the children. Nathalie has also been into school to help with European day of languages. She led an assembly which had all of the children singing and joining in with actions. She has been and still is a great help with all things MFL related. “

– Gemma Smith, Class teacher and Languages Coordinator, South Stanley Junior School, Stanley

“Nathalie has been working with our school since 2016, having a significant and positive effect on the teaching and learning of French in school, but also enriching the lives of our students: building their Cultural capital. She often leads whole school assemblies to showcase the activities she has delivered with the children. The staff and the children love these as she uses a range of interesting resources and activities (role-play, story-telling, puppets and props) and lots of humour to communicate her passion for France and the French language and excite and engage the Carville family. Nathalie has an excellent and engaging communication style and on many levels communicates clearly and precisely in both English and French. It is incredibly beneficial to the children to become immerse in another culture through Nathalie’s experiences and to compare their lives to the lives of people living in France. Nathalie is dedicated, committed, always thoroughly prepared and has boundless energy. Her involvement with school has given us a model of effective delivery of National curriculum French and we are incredibly grateful for her time and expertise.”

– Mr Rob Harker, Headteacher, Carville Primary School, Newcastle upon Tyne

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