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Leah Spasova

Leah Spasova

Quality RSE for your students by a professional specialising in relationships and sex(uality) education.

Leah Spasova is a social psychologist and educator, specialising in sex and relationships education. She is the Founder and CEO of LIFESEXPERTS.

Leah runs educational live events and webinars on all topics related to sex and relationships. She also works with individuals, offering sessions on a one-to-one basis. Leah teaches a broad in scope content with topics that educate individuals about the many interwoven factors that influence their psyche, sexual behaviour and relationships. Her work is preventative and purely educational as she teaches about the connections between the environment, mind and body and how we can have healthy relationships, minds, and bodies.

Watch Leah in action here.

Testimonials from Teachers

There were moments I wanted to applaud at how relevant ideas were put perfectly for others to understand.

– Student, Workshop Attendee, Oxford Brookes University

Found this talk to be amazing conversation on power and gender - eye opening!

– Student, Workshop Attendee, Oxford Brookes University

Great icebreakers! Made me feel like I could trust my group and the rest of the room. Excellent break down of the scenario that highlighted how naive I can be, but was explained so well and I felt empowered!

– Student, Workshop Attendee, Oxford Brookes University

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  • Well-being
  • Sex Education

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