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Jasmine Navarro

Jasmine Navarro

Creating confident teenagers! Express your way to success

For over a decade, Jasmine had an international career in education, working to improve the lives of teenagers and young adults.

The pressure on the youth has become overwhelming. She has witnessed the impact that social pressure has on this new generation. A key issue is over-exposure to social media, causing anxiety-related concerns and loneliness. There are new ways of socializing that often have traumatic consequences.

In order to help and inspired by her personal life story, she realized that her role as a teacher had to evolve and she certified as a family coach. Today, she works with teenagers and young adults help find their place in society and become healthy, balanced adults.

She equips them with preventative tools and help them increase their confidence to achieve their goals. She helps teens build a skill set in order to:

◼️ Increase emotional self-awareness
◼️ Build confidence and maintain healthy self-esteem
◼️ Overcome bullying online and deal with peer-pressure
◼️ Learn how to express and share feelings
◼️ Discover and enhance talents in a fun and unconventional manner
◼️ Achieve their personal and academic goals

Her work with teens applies an authentic, creative, multi-dimensional approach that is fun and dynamic. She not only supports teens, but also, siblings, parents, friends, and even teachers.With her, teenagers and young adults find psychological safety so they can flourish at this vital development period and will thrive into their futures.

Testimonials from Teachers

"On behalf of Pristine Private School, Dubai, I would like to express our gratitude to you for the Wellbeing Session on ‘Let’s Discover Ourselves’. The takeaway from this wellbeing session was extremely informative and insightful for our students. It provided a sense of understanding and a self-development opportunity where they could pause and reflect on the ways they can improve their own understanding of things around them.
We are highly obliged for the time and effort you have put in as a facilitator despite your busy schedule and the various responsibilities that you have as a Life Coach. The students and teachers who participated in the wellbeing session were all delighted and grateful for the enriching and engaging experience.
Once again, thank you for making the wellbeing session successful, and we appreciate your continued support."

– Tasneem Usman, Head of Senior School Pristine Private School, Dubai

"At The Millennial Entrepreneurs BootCamp 3rd Edition 2021, Ms. Jasmine Navarro, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach CPCC and an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, conducted a workshop for GEMS New Millennium learners. This workshop was offered as a method for students to learn more about themselves. Ms. Jasmine's many questions caused students to reflect and recollect great experiences and circumstances, which they detailed. "What is a Powerful Question?" and the wheel-based conversation were two of the workshop's highlights. We are grateful to Ms. Jasmine for this thought-provoking and considerate training. This workshop definitely helped students discover themselves and their true inner potential.”

– Rina Chandrasegaran, Executive Assistant, Gems Al Khail, Dubai​

"We would like to thank you for your amazing contribution to our recent PHSE Day. Your time and effort in creating a significant number of challenging and thought-provoking sessions for our students across a number of year groups has been very much appreciated and the feedback from the students has been so positive.

We very much appreciate the way you designed such interactive and age-appropriate sessions and the manner in which you were able to connect with our teenagers with ease. The tools and strategies with which you have equipped them will certainly benefit them not only while they are here with us at school, but for their life beyond WSO too.

“The Quality of Your Life Depends on the Quality of the Questions You Ask Yourself" is certainly a powerful message that all students (and our colleagues!) need to learn in order to improve their lives and unlock their potential. I know that Chris, who was in the sessions, spoke very highly of the other activities during the day, such as The Wheel of Life and the visualisation techniques you shared. We are also very grateful for the manner in which you expertly dealt with those students who initially struggled with some of the more challenging aspects and also tailored your sessions for the different year groups. The way you adapted them to engage all of the students was brilliant."

– ​Andy Kai Fong, Secondary Principal, GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis, Dubai

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