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Isaac Kenyon

Isaac Kenyon

Isaac is a philanthropic world-record-breaking eco-adventurer, a mental health and energy industry expert and has rowed across oceans, and swum seas, cycled over the sea, and run the length of countries for charity, raising millions of pounds!

Isaac wears many hats! A philanthropic world-record-breaking British eco-adventurer, energy transition spatial analyst/researcher, a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of London and the Geological Society of London and a trustee for Mind Mental Health Charity.

Isaac seeks to make a positive difference to the planet in search of climate solutions and has founded ‘Climate Explorers’. Isaac also wishes to help the people around him and found that portal through something close to his heart ‘outdoor challenge’.

Isaac has created and led numerous expeditons, his first was in 2015 completing a swim across the English Channel to France in 12 hours (no wetsuit) hailed as one of the world’s most difficult open water swims. After this, in 2016 he summited Mt.Kilimanjaro in 4 days fighting altitude sickness. In 2018 he broke the World and British records for the lightweight longest solo continual ergometer (indoor rowing machine) row clocking in at 83 hours with no sleep. In 2019 Isaac rowed in a team across the Atlantic Ocean in 40 days through storms and harsh 20ft high seas and in 2021 achieved a world-first cycle from Orkney to the Isles of Scilly over sea and land (yes that is cycling overseas) in 14 days. In 2022 Isaac became the first person to run the length of Wales on foot and summit the Welsh 3 Peaks (Snowdon, Cadir Idris and Pen-y-Fan).

Isaac pursues extraordinarily difficult environments for the purpose to grow by pushing his limits in discomfort. Isaac also is a mental health campaigner and has lived experience with anxiety and also disability difficulty with dyslexia for most of his life. Isaac found help for his mental health through nature-based solutions and exercise. Isaac seeks to find climate solutions to scale up the restoration of the planet's ecosystems through a combination of public awareness to drive behavioural change and funding for climate solutions for the environment. Isaac strives to create a platform which encourages a healthy lifestyle balance by reconnecting with nature and learning through the challenge.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Where do I begin, Isaac is an enigma. What Isaac has achieved in his young life could only be deemed as amazing. He has done what most people dream of achieving.

Isaac came to talk to my students after his Atlantic rowing event. He encouraged them to reach for the impossible and dream beyond their realm. He motivated that group of students to not only aspire to succeed but to seek be the best.

Many of them in that year 11 group went on to achieve excellent grades and majority have entered the world of work with excellent qualifications. Isaac has amazing potential to excel at anything he sets his mind on and I am looking forward to having him back to speak at my school again."

– Tochukwu Oraeki, Lead Practitioner and Head of Faculty of Humanities LMHS, Lea Manor High School

“How do you manage four people of different backgrounds, ages, physical and mental attributes towards one awe-inspiring target? How do you ensure all four sets of ambitions and expectations result in achieving one team goal?

Isaac’s enthusiasm and motivation is obvious when he talks about how he and the rest of the team of the Atlantic Discovery overcame the metaphorical, and literal, roller-coaster of their 40-day Challenge to Row the Atlantic.

His story will inspire everyone, young and mature, to overcome their doubts and fears to take up the challenge........of their life! As an inspirational speaker, Isaac is at the top of the tree.

His wealth of experiences and positive motivational delivery impress all ages. Abingdon Sea Cadets hosted Isaac one evening, and from the youngest cadets to the oldest leaders and committee members, all were in awe of Isaac’s adventure on the water. Since then he has only added to his experiences.
Listening to, watching and reading about Isaac’s experiences is inspirational."

– Hilary Green, Mayor of Abingdon and Abingdon Sea Cadets Chair

“A remarkable story of true courage and very engaging dialogue that brought the audience with you in rowing an ocean. Bravo on your achievements and we look forward to having you again.”

– Harry Waddingham, South-East Region Chairman, Bentley Drivers Club​

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