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Harun Rabbani

Harun Rabbani

Empowering Minds, Championing Change: Former Kickboer Champion and Diversity Expert ignites transformation

Harun Rabbani, former British Kickboxing Champion, turned adversity into triumph as the only person of colour and Muslim in a predominantly white Christian school. His martial arts journey transformed him from the smallest student into a top fighter. With an economics degree, Harun excelled in the global medical device industry. In 2002, he started a training company, introducing the “THT Method”, revolutionising chronic health solutions, including mental health conditions. As a motivational speaker, Harun blends personal resilience, kickboxing triumphs, and the transformative THT Method. His talks resonate deeply, inspiring students, teachers, and entire school communities.

Unleashing Potential: Harun's talks transcend conventional motivation. They're immersive journeys that empower students with unshakeable confidence, resilience, and a mind-set for success. Every session is an investment in a student body poised for excellence.

Empowering Teachers: Harun empowers teaching staff, recognising their pivotal role in shaping young minds. His engagements offer valuable insights for fostering motivation, collaboration, and holistic development. Empowered teachers become catalysts for elevating the entire school culture. In staff training, participants gain practical strategies for managing stress and reducing burnout risks. They discover how to enhance emotional intelligence and learn tools and techniques to deal with stress, anxiety, and burnout. A content, healthy teaching staff significantly boosts well-behaved, well-rounded students.

Building Schoolwide Resilience: Harun Rabbani's impact extends beyond individuals. His workshops cultivate resilience, emotional intelligence, and a collective spirit within your school. A resilient school community is better equipped to face challenges and foster an atmosphere of continuous improvement.

EDI - Tailored for Every Audience: Harun tailors his talks for all backgrounds, bridging gaps and fostering unity. His messages resonate widely, creating a school-wide environment where every student feels seen, heard, and empowered. Raised as a Muslim in a diverse community, Harun uniquely shares firsthand experiences, promoting British values through tolerance and understanding. In 1993, Harun was a co-founder of the Bangladeshi Youth Forum with the aims of giving a voice young people from a disenfranchised community. Later on he was a trustee at Birmingham Rathbone, a charity who tend to the needs of education, training and needs of young adults with learning disabilities.

Transformative Leadership Development for Staff and Students: Harun is a dedicated catalyst for leadership development. His engagements actively fostering leadership skills among teaching staff and students alike. Tailored sessions provide educators with valuable insights and tools to emerge as empowered leaders, while simultaneously encouraging students to discover and hone their own leadership potential. Harun's presence in your school isn't just about motivational talks; it's an investment in cultivating a culture of leadership, leaving a lasting impact on both staff and students, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Testimonials from Teachers

“I've sat through so many black and white, boring sessions through the years. This one - totally different. Got the kids up on their feet, gave them ideas, things they can do physically to make them feel better...They'll put that into practice.”

– Jason Pocklington, Maths Teacher, Barnes Wallis Academy

“Really inspiring. The students were paying absolute attention all the way through. It's something we can really build on - a lot of the messages are exactly the kind of things we're trying to instil in the students as well.”

– Thomas Malby, Head of Sixth Form, Coundon Court School

Harun is the speaker of choice whenever we want someone to tackle the more complex issues, particularly around how health, attitude, hard work and relaxation combine to aid overall well-being.

“He is a patient, inclusive coach and mentor that seeks to find and celebrate the best in young people, regardless of their background or beliefs."

Harun makes time for the causes he truly believes in and works hard to ensure his work reflects the subject-matter and the topic at hand. He is never in a hurry to leave and gives 110% to everything he does, always going beyond to help others, especially those in serious need of support.”

– Diane Vernon OBE, Chief Executive, EmployabilityUK (charity for to raise aspirations, confidence and skills for young adults preparing for the workplace)

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