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Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson

Resilient Empowered Authentic Leadership

Hannah is a leadership development consultant, coach and trainer. She works independently designing and delivering leadership sessions on a range of themes to empower existing and aspiring leaders at all levels. She is a an accredited Resilience coach and using coaching as an empowerment tool.

Hannah was a teacher of English, Drama and Media Studies and a school leader for 19 years, leaving Executive Headship to lead a PGCE programme at a university. She has been a subject leader, a pastoral leader, a system leader and a teaching school leader. She has also volunteered as a governor and a trustee. She has worked in a range of different schools and contexts. As a headteacher she founded two brand new schools.

Hannah is the Co-Founder of WomenEd and DiverseEd. WomenEd is a global grassroots movement for women in education. She created this space for women to develop their leadership and for allies to work together on gender equality issues such as flexible working and the pay gap. She went on to Co-Found #DiverseEd to create an intersectional space for individuals to share their lived experience.

Hannah is the Director of Diverse Educators, a DEI training provider for schools. She consults on how to create a values-led school, on how to ensure your school is inclusive and how to explore the levels of belonging and psychological safety for all stakeholders. Hannah has a portfolio career and enjoys the range of roles she fulfils including designing and delivering different leadership programmes. She leads a MA in Ethics, Education and Leadership which she has written.

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Testimonials from Teachers

If you are looking to work with someone who has an infectious passion for making positive change happen, you will love working with Hannah. She has a wealth of experience at a senior leadership level and is hugely committed to the diversity agenda. I have benefitted personally from Hannah’s wisdom and guidance on these issues on a number of occasions.

– Andy Buck, Founding Director, Leadership Matters

When it comes to authentic and courageous leadership, Hannah is unbeatable. Her value-driven approach allows her to be precise and focused whilst taking an empathic approach. One of the leadership traits I admire the most in Hannah is her commitment to asking the difficult questions that others avoid, and this has been evident in her work encouraging Diverse Leaders. She is fearless and highly skilled at driving change, even in complex situations. Hannah is a catalyst and can cause a mindset shift in one conversation. Her leadership creates leaders.

– Jaz Ampaw-Farr, Author & Speaker

An inspirational female leader and speaker. I recommend Hannah very highly. She speaks very engagingly and passionately, challenging her audience to question their own self- imposed limits – and she makes it great fun too!

– Siobhan Denning Leadership, Consultant & Executive Coach

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