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Hannah Escott

Hannah Escott

Great British team mountain bike racer and 4X Mountain Bike World Series Champion

Hannah can inspire your girls and motivate your boys to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

In her school years Hannah was notoriously bad at PE. She cycled to school, and around town, but laughed when her teachers suggested she try mountain biking. Yet, with nothing to lose, she gave it a go. Now she stands proudly as an Elite 4X Mountain Bike Racer, and a member of the Great British 4X Team.

4X is a fast off-road cycling sport with huge jumps and drops where 4 people race to the finish line… contact is allowed, making it a dog-eat-dog, high risk activity.

At just 5’ tall, and in a male dominated extreme sport, no one would have ever guessed Hannah would be travelling the world racing. Of course her training starts locally, at skateparks and pump tracks that are typical of those close to schools nationally.

Not only is she a great advocate for cycling and getting more young people, especially young women cycling, Hannah aims for more for young people. Her message: you can live your dreams if you work hard for them; make the most of opportunities that come your way.

As well as a presentation element Hannah is also able to offer practical cycling tuition, including a fleet of bikes for you to hire.

Testimonials from Teachers

"I had some really great feedback from all the kids, they loved it! The videos used were fantastic, I’ve never seen year 7 so engaged!”

– Teacher, Sandwell Academy

"The presentation was great and enthusiasm and story were really good. I heard really positive things about the practical session from both the students and staff and I know they all really enjoyed it. I think if you would maybe like to do something similar next year it would be perfect as a girls only session for both the talk and practical as I think your story resonated with a lot of the girls. I think your personal approach would really rub off."

– Rob Smith, Sandwell Academy

"I had some really great feedback from all the kids, they loved it! The videos used were fantastic, I’ve never seen year 7 so engaged!”

– Abigail Reynolds, Sandwell Academy

“Your presentation was really good, I know the students were talking about it and 4 cross for a while afterwards. It’s always good for the students to see new sports and activities that they can get involved in and it really kept their interest and got them excited”

– Lauren Shinner, Sandwell Academy

“She naturally relates to the pupils; they were amazed to hear she’s ridden the secret tracks they’ve built with dirt and shovels! I didn’t know they were so creative! She explained how easy it was to access other tracks close to their home. She made her life feel so accessible to them…and you know what IT IS!”

– Teacher, RSA Tipton

“It’s so hard to inspire our girls and motivate our boys. We have meetings all the time to discuss it. Hannah manages it in one hour! She explains how hard work can make your dreams come true.”

– Teacher, St Mathius Secondary School, Wolverhampton

“Hannah gave a talk in December, we had barely seen one of our boys since October but he has been in every day since! Hannah’s story started at school and that seems to have made a big impact”

– Teacher, RSA Tipton​

"Fantastic and inspirational presentation, Hannah. You should be on the stage (as as well on a bike)"

– West Midlands Combined Authority Staff

"The most inspirational thing I've ever heard"

– Teacher, Wilden All Saints Primary​

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