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David Saddington

David Saddington

Young climate change expert and TEDx speaker who has worked to tackle climate change, from 10 Downing Street to the beaches of Ibiza

Influencing UK & international policy, fronting a pioneering climate media campaign on the BBC, Sky & ITV that reached over 3 million people and giving a TEDx talk at London's O2 arena are just a few of David Saddington's achievements as a climate change activist since experiencing a stark introduction to the impacts of climate change as a thirteen year old back in 2005.

David is recognised as one of the UK's leading climate change experts. His first impact was working with the Prime Minister to add climate change to the UK school curriculum in 2007. He has since communicated climate change around the world by giving talks and media interviews. He has been recognised by the United Nations for his 'best practice' in simply communicating climate science. At only 25 he is energetic, passionate yet relatable when he talks about climate change.

David is a well versed public speaker and lecturer who has spoken in schools across the UK, Italy and Hong Kong with ages ranging from primary to A-Level. He is capable of talking about climate change & associated issues to a wide variety of audiences and education levels. In addition to speaking David has blogged for media outlets like the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and the Guardian.

David talks about the science of climate (what is happening and why should we care) to the social impacts on our economy, health and society. In 2017 David was invited by the British Council to deliver an interactive lecture series in Hong Kong which told a very accessible story of our changing climate over the past 22,000 years.

David also talks about; his own personal story in tackling climate which started when he was only 13, what we can all do to tackle climate and careers in the sector - as he works a consultant for governments and top brands.

In 2017 he was presented with the WWF Earth Hour Hero award for his then 12 years of work tackling climate change.

Testimonials from Teachers

"He was fabulous! The session was excellent, the students were very enthusiastic and asked lots of great questions at the end. We would book him again."

– Kate Molan, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Putney High School

"The Royal Geographical Society was pleased to welcome famous Youth Climate Change activist David Saddington to speak on "Our Climate: a 22,000 Year Journey through Climate Change". In this lecture, Mr Saddington gave a brief history of climate change over the past 22,000 years, via countless civilisations, and then discussed exactly what climate change is and why mankind should care about it.

Mr Saddington did a superb talk then took Q&A following. We have had a lot of thanks from the Members, so it was obviously a special event. They especially appreciated his in-depth knowledge and unique perspective on the topic.

He spoke with the authority, passion and panache that one would expect from such an accomplished young activist and public speaker. But he also was very engaging to those with less scientific knowledge, which was much appreciated. His passion for the topic is of considerable inspiration, together with his positive message that there are things that everyone is able to do to assist."

– Rupert McCowan, Director of Royal Geographical Society, Hong Kong

"Climate change is a big and contentious topic, yet David was able to make his Hong Kong lectures understandable and relatable to his audience, tailored to the local context. That is what science communication and our Science Alive programme is all about – engaging and interacting with the audience – young and old, to take science out of the lab and make it accessible to all. Thank you David, looking forward to ‘the next chapter’ on how we shape the future on climate change."

– Sophia Chan-Combrink, Head of Education & Society, British Council Hong Kong

"I knew from the outset David was a talented communicator but his achievements since have quite simply been staggering. He has established himself as one of the most important contemporary voices; helping others understand the scale and complexity of climate change and other important environmental challenges. His depth of experience, his enthusiasm and optimism can not be commended more highly."

– Alex Palman, Former Climate Change Communications Manager, Sophie Scholl High School​

"David was very good indeed. We were very impressed, and David worked particularly well with the senior Geography students and Kate Smith, Head of Geography. A number of members of staff commented on the interesting presentation too. Thank you!"

– Ruth Wynne , St Benedict’s School

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