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David Hulman

David Hulman (Self-Belief Chief)

If you change today, today will change your life.

David Hulman is the Founder of the Self-Belief Chief brand, an Author, Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Podcast Host. His life's obsession has been "why do we question if we're good enough?"

A study by Paul Farmer suggests that poor mental health in the workplace is costing the UK economy £99bn. More needs to be done by organisations, businesses and teams to enhance people's level of self-belief. Saying "just believe in yourself" means nothing.

David's is looking to create a ripple effect - to help the next generation understand how self-belief works so that they can move the world forward.

You can have all the skill and talent in the world but if you don’t believe in yourself, it won’t happen for you. Years and years of research has led David to specialise in the area of self-belief, setting up the business ‘Self-Belief Chief’.

If people are given simple strategies to achieve self-belief in any area of their life, more will actually see their potential become a reality. Instead of teachers, parents and coaches saying ‘just believe in yourself’… David will tell you how to.

Testimonials from Teachers

“David is quickly becoming a leading motivational speaker and author. I really like David ... a very genuine, authentic and nice person, who I think will be a major player in the future.”

– Jason Butler, "one of the UK’s best qualified and most experienced personal finance experts" - Financial Times​

“Just wanted to say thank you for a very interesting and useful experience with our sixth formers. Several came to see me at lunch time to thank me because it encouraged them to think more positively- something which many struggle with in this dreadful culture of exam pressure etc. I have also had very positive feedback from the staff about how thought provoking they found your session for their teaching and their personal life too.”

– Richard Hale School​

“The session with David was really great - thought provoking, interactive, and had practical tools and tips to take away. I wish he had more time though as I felt there was more to gain".

"The speakers were very good and I liked David Hulman’s enthusiasm".

"I really enjoyed all of the event - in particular the David Hulman part".

"David was very professional, confident and knowledgeable, which gave him great credibility.”

– Attendee Feedback, ​IGD Leading Edge

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