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Danielle Brown MBE

Danielle Brown MBE

You’re not born to succeed. You choose to succeed. Let Danielle show you how…

Double Paralympic gold medalist Danielle Brown MBE has proven that there are no barriers to achieving whatever you wish. Becoming the first disabled athlete to represent England in an able-bodied discipline, Danielle’s drive and determination is exemplary.

Success in any environment is characterised by a winning mentality. It is about making the right choices, rather than being lucky or talented. Danielle’s experiences of competing at international level for the past eight years has given her a unique insight into exactly what it takes to thrive under pressure and employ that winning mindset to achieve results. Danielle is now teaching students the strategies that world class athletes use to achieve their potential.

Danielle has an honest and engaging approach, allowing her to connect with pupils at their level. Danielle’s story isn’t just inspirational, it motivates students to strive to better their own performance as well as developing resilience, perseverance and confidence. If you want students who believe they are capable of achieving and are more able to recover from setbacks then Danielle is the perfect choice.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Danielle was one of the most inspirational speakers we have ever had at Pinewood. She arrived well in advance of her talk and really engaged with the audience. I would highly recommend her."

– Jim Bischoff, Teacher, Pinewood School

"A fabulous assembly. Informative, practical and most of all, inspiring. It was a pleasure to see the look on the students' faces as they listened to your story. Your advice and guidance on how to control stress and nerves was helpful and very relevant to support the students in their journey to becoming successful. Highly recommended."

– Neil Smith, Head of House, Blythe Bridge School

"Hey Danielle, just wanted to say a massive thank you! Your talk about self development really helped me over the last 2 years in the completion of my A levels. I went from a boy full of anxiety and struggling through exams to being fully confident even when my results would determine the rest of my life. When times got really tough you taught me to actually believe in myself, and now I am off to university to follow my dream career path. Couldn't have done it without you, your 2 hrs was genuinely the turning point in my life."

– J Atkinson, Student at The Holy Cross and Richard Challoner Sixth Form

"Danielle came to talk to our managers about leading under pressure and ensuring that we all have ways of dealing with potentially stressful situations such as an Ofsted inspection! We are a large FE college and have over 100 managers who listened to Danielle's experiences of performing under pressure as an elite athlete. We were all so impressed with her messages and the tools she taught us to cope with stress, we have already put them into action! It's so important for us to be able to deal with difficult situations and ensure we take our staff with us in a calm and steady way and we are now better equipped to do this. Danielle gave us a truly inspirational talk and we were moved by her story and impressed by her achievements. We will definitely be asking Danielle to return to talk to our students so that they too can learn the invaluable ways of giving your all no matter what."

– Louise Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Birmingham Metropolitan College

"Danielle's visit was inspirational and had a huge impact on staff and children alike. Key messages to children - never give up, to practise hard, live healthily and set yourself challenging targets to be better than everyone else rather than like someone else. Engagement - being physically close to the children, making eye contact, allowing them to hold her gold medals and showing them her bow. Staff feedback - inspired, motivated, moved emotionally while she was here and reflecting deeply on own circumstances at home afterwards."

– Caroline Dingle, Headteacher, Hurst Hill Primary School

''Danielle was one of the most inspirational speakers we have ever had at Pinewood. She arrived well in advance of her talk and really engaged with the audience. I would highly recommend her.''

– Jim Bischoff, Headteacher, Pinewood School

"Danielle was absolutely inspiring and the buzz around the school continued for the rest of the week!"

– Simon Colley, PE Teacher, Focus School - Wilton Campus​​

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