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Bonita Norris

Bonita Norris

Made headlines in 2010 when she reached the summit of Mount Everest, she was 22 years old, and had become the youngest British female to reach the top of the world.

Bonita has been empowering her audiences for the past 4 years with a story of overcoming great odds, and with humorous anecdotes she explains she is no different and no more capable than anyone else- she just worked hard and didn't give up.

Your audience will be taken on a roller coaster journey, they will laugh and squirm, they will hold their breath at the stunning images shown, they will leave with the re-enforced mantra "one step at a time" firmly in their minds. Bonita starts her talk as a novice climber who had a seemingly impossible goal. Bonita explains she was an "ordinary girl from Wokingham" who taught herself to climb, saved every penny she had to pay for equipment, and had to overcome a great amount of prejudice for being a novice with a big goal. All this before she even set foot on Everest!

During presentations, Bonita shares what she learnt about goal setting, how to manage intimidating tasks, and the importance of three life skills: seizing opportunities, working hard, and believing that we are all capable of taking one step at a time towards our goals.

The presentations take the audience on the journey up Mount Everest, and ends with Bonita finally reaching the top of the world. There is then the opportunity to check out Bonita's climbing equipment and ask questions.

Testimonials from Teachers

"She was great! The students really enjoyed her 'story' and I was impressed by how well she made it relevant to them and their future choices. We would love to have her back next year."

– Claire MacVicar, The Abbey School

"Bonita's speech was extremely inspiring to the girls at the school. They still discuss the speech weeks later. We have discussed the speech in assembly and PSHE lessons regarding 'growth mindset'. She brought a series of images to support the speech and this was helpful in helping to understand the challenges she faced. Extremely well prepared, yet approachable to the group of 15 year olds she spoke to."

– Lydia Lutton, The Marist School

“What an incredible talk. Staff and children alike were captivated from start to finish. Conversations were rife afterwards of new challenges that people have set and how they will take their first steps towards them. Bonita has inspired us to believe more in ourselves and trust our inner instinct. One pupil wrote 'the way Bonita described that she would carefully take one step at a time was so interesting. It was amazing to have a person come into school and talk to us about all the mountains they have climbed. If you are looking for a speaker who can inspire your pupils to reach their personal targets, you need not look any further. Thanks Bonita for a wonderful speech.”

– Edward Callaway, Teacher, Widford Lodge Preparatory School

"Bonita’s visit exceeded all of our expectations. She was warm and friendly with an incredible story to tell. I can honestly say that everyone at our school who was part of this event was touched by Bonita and her incredible journey."

– Mr. A Strong, Assistant Head. Southway School

"I just wanted to let you know how inspiring Bonita Norris was to my daughter. When the evening was over she expressed a desire to climb Mount Snowdon as a family so on Easter Sunday that is exactly what we did. Although, she found it quite challenging we were all very proud of her and how she coped with it all. I just wanted to say that the awards ceremonies are a wonderful thing for the children at The Streetly Academy and as a parent I am very proud of my daughter. Thank you again for having inspirational people at the awards"

– Parent, Streetly Academy

"Thank you so much for your talk at our awards ceremony this evening. I have received a number of mails already complimenting you on an inspirational talk. Parents, staff and students warmed to your honesty and were amazed by what you have achieved at such a relatively young age."

– Tony Ryan, Head Teacher, Chiswick School

"I just wanted to endorse Carol's email to you. I sat through your presentation and thoroughly enjoyed it. I spoke today to so many colleagues who also really enjoyed it. You provided the students with so many apt stories, humorous anecdotes that I am sure they will always remember and most importantly, with tips for motivation. You are truly an inspiration!"

– Ms. J Derrick, Head Teacher. Invicta Grammar School

"It was a brilliant presentation and so inspirational for our students. It has really raised their ambitions... It was also totally inspirational for me personally- I've decided I'm going to raise my game as well!"

– Dermot Murphy, Assistant Head, Testwood College

"Just wanted to say a great big thank you for being a fantastic speaker for our Achiever Awards last night! All the feedback has been about how inspirational your speech was and how impressive and real you were as a speaker. Perfect start to the event and one of the best speakers we have had so far at our Award ceremony. We would love to welcome you back to the college so we’ll keep in touch if that’s ok."

– Jane Chapman, Bracknell and Wokingham College

"The children were delighted to receive their prizes from you – you did a great job, thank you! So many people, staff and parents alike, have commented on your wonderful speech and your amazing achievements. We were confident that your story would appeal to our varied audience and I really do think you were an inspiration to the children (and parents) on the day – thank you."

– Simone Hughes, St Margaret's

"Just wanted to thank you for joining us today at our awards ceremony. The students (and staff) were mesmerised by your talk today, it was truly inspirational. Universally staff and students said you are the best speaker we have ever had!"

– Lisa Gorman, Central Foundation Girls' School

"Bonita delivered a truly inspiring talk. Our international and well-travelled student cohort were captivated from the outset by her down to earth demeanour and the honesty and simplicity of her transformative experience. Her message was clear and resonated throughout the audience and I think nearly everyone, teachers included, left the room emboldened to start a challenge or adventure of their own."

– Kings College London

"It was a unanimous response that Bonita was one of, if not the, best speakers in leaving memory. Parents, pupils, staff and governors were, without exception incredibly complementary about Bonita's passion for her subject, the warmth with which she delivered her message and the general buzz she brought to proceedings. I have put together more speech days than I care to remember and Bonita's knowledge and professionalism were quite simply superb. I can recommend Bonita without any reservation to any school who wishes to have someone to help bring their year to a memorable close."

– Rob Willliams, Headmaster, Bishopgate School​

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