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Tuckshop Tycoon

Tuckshop Tycoon is a project aimed at Year 6-9 children to develop enterprise skills and health awareness. Pupils will take part in sessions teaching them enterprise skills which will enable them to run a healthy tuckshop. The health sessions are delivered by Hannah Bailey who is a qualified nutritionist. Health sessions give pupils the understanding of why good health is important. Profit from the tuckshop can then be re-invested into the school or other projects.

Prior to delivery, each school will complete a questionnaire to ensure their session is personalised to meet the needs of the school. It will also assess the level of knowledge amongst the pupils to ensure the sessions meet their needs educationally but are also fun and interactive to promote learning. Tuckshop Tycoon is a day’s event split into 3 sections:

  • Enterprise
  • Health
  • Running the tuckshop

Once the session is completed, the children will then set up their own healthy tuckshop using the skills they have learnt from the enterprise session. These will include the basic concept of running a business, making a profit or loss, understanding their costs and stock buying.Through the health session, they will understand why a healthy tuckshop is important at their school. They will also understand the basics of a healthy diet, why a healthy lifestyle is important and how it can help them at school.

The project also contributes to revised curriculum guidance about PSHCE, numeracy and PE. It is also part of the schools statutory duty to promote wellbeing and provides evidence towards the Ofsted requirements around SMSC. Follow up sessions are provided to ensure the project is running successfully and build on knowledge already gained.

The tuckshop is intended to make a profit but not compete with current school catering facilities. The money made from the tuckshop can be re-invested in to products for the school such as sports equipment etc. There are no restrictions attached to the spending of the money. Products sold in the tuckshop can also be flexible to avoid direct competition with the catering department if this is an issue.


To find out more details or make a booking please call us on 01924 277343 or get in touch through our enquiry form.

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What People Say

Joy Marsden: I have just returned to my office after the interview event and I can only say how wonderful our students were. I think your presentation yesterday hit just the right note and prepared them in advance, not only to face the interview but to have the confidence to approach businesses just to ‘chat’. Thank you so much for being involved in this event and I look forward to seeing you in the future

– Karen Betty, Skills for Life Co-ordinator, Northampton Academy

Truly incredible from beginning to end! His presentation was pitched perfectly for our students who sat in stunned silence listening intently to his amazing story. We really couldn’t have asked for a more passionate or inspirational speaker!

– Lisa Green, National Enterprise Academy

The presentation was truly inspiring; our students really enjoyed listening to John's experiences in the Royal Marines and his role working for TV companies in the jungle and they realised they could be just like him. By working hard, broadening their horizons, learning new skills and believing in themselves, they too could achieve anything they put their hearts into. An inspiring day that left an enduring impression - fantastic.

– Adrian Barber, Project Manager, Bigger Picture Arts

Just a quick note to say how much we all enjoyed Alex’s talk. He was an absolute trooper getting through 2 hours of talking with his voice slowly getting more hoarse! The students were fascinated by his story and the advice he gave them was priceless. Nothing I could have told them about the world of work could have had so much impact. The students were rapt and he responded very well to their questions. The talk was very memorable, funny and informative. We will definitely be looking to book him again next year.

– Heather Wilson, Teacher of English/ Head of PHSCE, Portland Place School

Claire’s speech showed that she fully understood the ethos of the school; it was informative, encouraging and motivational. Pupils and parents have commented on how much they enjoyed listening to her and how much they appreciated the care she took to make our prize winners feel special. We will certainly use her ‘top tips’ to reinforce the valuable messages she passed on. Our only problem now is how to follow this next year!

– Elizabeth Thomas, Head Mistress, Stonar School

Dynamic, forthright, bold, but utterly charming, Claire showed insight and understanding, offering pertinent advice to individuals and groups alike. A consummate professional and a true inspiration to all young women.

– Ian Edwards, Head of Business, Tudorhall School

From my experience of working with Emma-Jane I would feel comfortable in recommending her self-esteem & confidence workshops and hope we can collaborate on some work in the future.

– Sarah Green - Owner of Cerato Services

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