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What’s your WHY

Workshop objectives:

1) Participants will be able to define the key elements of entrepreneurship
2) Participants will take part in practical problem solving activities which will build their appetite for enterprise and entrepreneurship
3) Participants, by working in teams and brainstorming, will develop a business plan (with a Minimum Viable Product) based on the Lean Startup Methodology


- Ice breaker and introduction to session

First impressions exercise

- Facilitators highlight the importance of body language, eye contact and handshakes - ‘Your energy introduces you before you even speak’

- You are your business!

What is an Entrepreneur/Entrepreneurship?

- Facilitator asks a series of questions about entrepreneurship and what being an entrepreneur means in order to get a hold of what participants already know; facilitator adds in some theory where necessary

What’s your Why?

- An activity based on participants working in teams to:

1. Brainstorm for enterprise ideas to solve a problem society (or their community) is facing
2. Identify and define the WHY for their enterprises - what is their Unique Selling Proposition?

This is done using Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle of WHY/HOW/WHAT

From Idea to Plan

- In this activity participants will plan out the minimum viable product of their business, as well as draft a business plan based on the Lean Startup Methodology

What is a successful enterprise?

- Participants take part in a team activity in which they are tasked with identifying the skills and attributes needed to successfully execute on this enterprise

The Unbreakable Flying Egg

- Participants learn how to be innovative and efficient while dealing with limited time and resources

Open space

- Review objectives, close the session and allow participants to ask questions

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Student Capacity

Min 5 students / Max 90 students

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