The Soap Challenge

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The Soap Challenge is aimed at secondary school pupils. During the challenge, students, working in small teams, will complete a range of tasks where they will allocate job roles and responsibilities, decide on a corporate name and choose a target audience. With their target audience in mind they will then need to carefully select the essential oils and other ingredients for their unique hand crafted natural soap.


  • 250 students maximum (groups of 5 - 6).
  • Teacher support.
  • Table space within a hall or across classrooms.

The students will cover the following areas by partaking in the Soap Challenge:

  • Insight into running a small business.
  • Employability skills.
  • Confidence and Self-esteem.
  • Team working.
  • Time management.
  • Communication.
  • Organising & Planning.
  • Presenting.

Each team is provided with detailed ingredient information cards which will provide many facts and figures that could help a team find a Unique Selling Point, or a Transport Carbon Footprint advantage over their competitors. Although a natural soap can be purchased locally, many of the ingredients used to produce the soap travel from around the world. Teams will be able to make a conscious decision to source their ingredients closer to home, or from Europe. Those teams who do not give consideration to the amount of miles an ingredient has to travel, may want to consider different ways to ‘off set’ their Eco ‘unfriendliness’.

Teams will also be provided with a set of 20 test tubes which contain a few drops of essential oil, which enable the students to smell the different aromas. The essential oils have various properties, some may have a calming effect whilst others are energizing. Students have to create their own unique blend of oils and ingredients to appeal to their target audience. The provision of test tubes also provides students with an opportunity for some impromptu market research, as the students ask teachers who fit their target audience, if their aromatic blend appeals to them.

They will also be able to select colours and textures from flower petals to poppy seeds for exfoliation.

Students will also need to calculate the cost of producing their soap along with setting their retail price and profit margin. Other tasks to complete will include the design of their corporate logo, developing a realistic sales and marketing strategy, designing a sales leaflet/poster and creating a 5 minute presentation to promote their enterprise and product.

CocoMango will then produce between 50 bars of natural hand crafted soap to the winning team's recipe. All the regulatory safety assessments and labelling requirements will be completed by CocoMango and the winning team’s logo will be used for all three soap designs.

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