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Teen-Trepreneur ‘iLead’

The Teen-Trepreneur ‘iLead’ is an action packed one day programme designed to develop and harness the entrepreneurial soft skills required for students to tackle the fast-changing world. Every student plays the role of decision makers, whilst wearing multiple hats and putting it all into practice by running their own business competing with others through the Teen-Trepreneur board game.

iLead stands for:

I: Inspiration & Interaction
L: Learning to Lead
E: Entrepreneurial Mindset
A: Action & Ambitions
D: Debate & Decision Making

All of which students learn to harness throughout the day in various tasks and challenges, as the programme is broken into multiple stages of learning.

Stage One: Focuses on Inspiration and Interaction, where Sabirul shares his entrepreneurial journey which started during his days in school aged 14. Followed by an interactive career focused session & a series of team building exercises.

Stage Two: Students are put into groups, with each individual, playing a different role to solve an economic problem. This tests their leadership skills, ability to make bold decisions and sacrifices, learn to debate and their ability as a group to present their finding and solutions using their creative skills.

Stage Three: Is all about business and money making. Students play the Teen-Trepreneur board game, running their own businesses competing with fellow students, generating sales, investing in the stock market whilst keeping financial tabs of their profit and loss through bookkeeping.

The Teen-Trepreneur ‘iLead’ programme can be delivered to audiences of all sizes (except for stage three which is limited to 90 students maximum). The programme can be delivered either as a full or half day.

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