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When Harry met Nelly

When Harry met Nelly

If Nelly can do it so can you!!

Harry and Nelly are are a special duo to provide an interactive, fun and engaging presentation to school children to help develop their learning and understanding that they are all unique, brilliant and should be all body confident.

Nelly was born in Coventry with a very rare skin condition called Harlequin Itchyosis. She is in fact the eldest person in the world to suffer from this condition. Nelly has two careers who see her twice a day to help with her condition but at the same time she lives a very normal life. Nelly works full time in a primary school as a support helper and also volunteers at her local health centre after school. Nelly is a very active charitable and fundraising indivual. She has raised hundreds of pounds for multiple charities.

We inspire the children to accept the beauty and mechanisms of their bodies and that they should be proud of both the outside and inside.

We support an engaging and fun platform which challenges children about who they are and how they can reach for the stars and achieve anything they like - there should be no limits based on how they look.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Very inspirational. Nelly spoke about her challenges and how she has overcome these is a great message to all of us. The children enjoyed listening to this and understood what body confidence is and how it relates to all of us. They understood the challenges that many people face and how they can deal with this."

– Mr Patel, Deputy Headteacher, Broad Heath Primary School​

"To help us celebrate our theme of celebrating individuality, Nelly and Harry delivered an empowering, insightful and thought provoking presentation centred upon the importance of celebrating differences. Children and adults alike were left feeling uplifted and inspired by the spirit and positivity that Nelly exudes especially considering the challenges that she faces day to day. Thank you to you both for showing our children how to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else."

– Miss Mahmood, Year 2 teacher, Prince Albert Primary School

"Their delivery was incredibly insightful, and I think by having Nellie in the room the children/staff were faced to confront their own prejudices etc."

– Ryan, Primary School Teacher, Finham Primary School

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