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Shonette Bason

Shonette Bason

Do you need a spoonful of sugar to help your workload go down?

As the Mary Poppins of motivation she knows exactly how difficult coping with modern life is being a mother of 4 children and working full time.

Having been a teacher all over the country and the world Shonette found herself divorced and teaching in her own mother’s school. Shonette then developed an entrepreneurial style of teaching using the outdoors and movement based learning. She was filmed for Teacher’s TV and had her first book ‘learning Outside the Primary Classroom’ published in 2010.

She went on to set up her own business whilst teaching part time and training she noticed the difficulty people had with motivation on a daily basis. Her mother, Head Teacher and best friend developed the idea of motivation being a KITE. Shonette takes you through the analogy to KITE, which enables students to look at the blockages to reaching their full potential and achieving their dreams. Shonette shows you ways of moving the obstacles and when the wind changes direction and she is long gone they will be able to lift the barriers to motivation. Shonette then works with students to build their own KITE be it individually, as a team or as a workforce enabling them to go fly their KITE and set in soaring.

Shonette’s speaking style is unique, funny and impacting.

Testimonials from Teachers

"As always a stimulating and inspiring day from Shonette, our children always benefit greatly when our staff have any dealings with this whirlwind of creativity, practicality and reality"

– Deputy Head Teacher, St Francis​

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County Durham


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