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Shola Kaye

Shola Kaye

Work hard, be yourself, follow your dreams: from research scientist to professional singer, you can do anything!

Shola Kaye is a professional singer, has been qualified as a teacher for more than 20 years and is an inspiring speaker. She uses her life story as the backdrop of her speech. The notable message is “Work hard, be yourself, follow your dreams.” Shola has performed all over the UK, Europe and beyond.

As well as being a prize-winning songwriter who has written music for large corporations she is an award winning teacher and spent several years working in a corporate career in the USA.

In a speech that deals with careers, music and motivation, Shola’s keynote is interactive and is tailored specifically to the required outcomes of the school. She gets students of KS4 and above to focus on listening to their hearts and being open to pursuing a career they love. The speech describes the skills and mindset needed in the real world and asks students to think about their future path and how to achieve their goals.

Shola explains how she was fostered as a child and as a result of various pressures went on to study the sciences, even though she had a childhood dream of becoming a singer. She talks about her time at Cambridge University studying Natural Sciences and then her move to the USA to become a research scientist, her pursuit of a corporate career and finally, her return to her first love, music. Through this whistlestop tour of a handful of occupations Shola goes into more detail and discusses ideal personality traits required for each career and expands upon this to encompass academia, corporate careers, the creative industries, personal coaching and more.

The speech is very inclusive and suitable for a wide range of students as Shola draws the students into her story and gets the audience to apply the lessons she learned to their own lives. The speech is also humorous and students are encouraged to engage both with Shola and with each other. As a singer and songwriter, Shola ends the speech with an uplifting song.

The speech covers: resilience, creativity, goal setting, and much more and is available as a 60 minute keynote. Shola also runs a workshop called “Find Your Voice - Change Your Life” in which students are encouraged to explore their values and vision. They look at what makes their voice, or perspective, unique and how they can express themselves authentically to achieve their full potential in the world. The workshop lasts for up to 2 hours.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Shola delivered a really engaging and interactive talk that contained some key messages for students. Her life story enabled her to convey her message of following dreams and being individual with authenticity and honesty. The students were impressed by her range of experience but also clearly felt that her style allowed them to engage with her in a spontaneous manner. Her preparation and professionalism were excellent and she clearly had a good idea of what the students’ backgrounds were, which helped her to engage with them in a meaningful way."

– Edward Davison, VI form head, Ark Academy

"What I enjoyed about the session was how everything was in relation to each and every person in the audience. You were able to identify us individually and help us understand that anything is possible. Thank you :)"

– VI Form Student, Ark Academy

"Shola was a teacher at our Albion College in London for more than 5 years. She is a conscientious teacher and has the ability to explain concepts in a clear, straightforward way that students can grasp effortlessly. She's also an entertaining educator and found it easy to create a strong rapport with students. I would recommend her without hesitation."

– Celine Dunne, Former Principal, Albion College​

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