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Miguel Dean

Miguel Dean

An inspirational story spoken from the heart

Having lost his mother as a baby, Miguel then suffered a traumatic childhood at the hands of his abusive stepmother and an absent father. His subsequent low self-esteem led him into a life of crime, drugs, violence and eventually homelessness. Drugs became an easy way at first to numb the painful feelings of worthlessness, being unloved, and feeling lost.

Over 7 years he had no fixed abode and at rock bottom, with things spiralling out of control, Miguel found himself living in a derelict caravan where his days would consist of begging on the streets of Edinburgh to buy drugs and alcohol. An axe attack from a fellow beggar began the journey to bring about change. With the birth of his son, a few years later, came the realisation that it was time for him to begin taking responsibility for his life and the slow road to recovery began.

Miguel now works in the field of youth empowerment: speaking, mentoring, delivering workshops and leading youth empowerment projects. His key message is ‘It is not just what happens that is important but also how we respond to what life presents us with, that makes the ultimate difference.’

Miguel is the author of 'Stepping Stones in the Mist - Life Lessons for overcoming adversity'; an autobiographical self-help book.

Key themes which Miguel covers in his talks; Resilience, drug abuse, perseverance, determination, homelessness, addiction, self-responsibility, citizenship. He is available to deliver student workshops after speaking to further embed and personalise the learning for students.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Miguel was great"

– Mike Lee, King's Chester School

"I was surprised and delighted at how quiet and attentive the students were throughout Miguel’s presentation. He certainly made quite an impact with his heart warming and inspirational story."

– S. Pennington, Head Teacher – Aspire PRU Academy, Worcester

"I really enjoyed the motivational talk, it opened my eyes as to how my life could be much worse; and what I want to do with my life and what I can achieve. It also opened my eyes into addiction. Really good. Thank you."

– Natasha, Aldwyck Young Persons Service

"Really inspirational. I can relate myself to some of the situations you've faced. I will really enjoy reading the book."

– Charley, Aldwyck Young Persons Service

"Was a good listen and I can relate to certain bits. Helps to make me realise that there is always a silver lining."

– Anthony, Aldwyck Young Persons Service

“Miguel introduces a different take on the themes of drugs, motivation and young people. A slant that it is good for educators and teachers to listen to. He talked in depth and from experience and was able to answer the more challenging questions posed.

– Joseph Cunningham, St. George's College

"Miguel moves people with his story and has the skills to help people achieve more through empowering themselves with determination. Unassuming and genuine, an authentic presenter."

– Dave Hyner, International Motivational Speaker​

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