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Michelle Whaite

Michelle Whaite

Michelle takes 'Wendy Wafflers' and 'Generic Joes' and transforms their communication skills using storytelling and imagery for impact.

Bullying, failure, low self-image, and poor character decisions are at the heart of many of the challenges facing young people today. Michelle Whaite is a Barclays LifeSkills Facilitator and an accredited John Maxwell YouthMax Facilitator, helping young people understand how to turn a loss into a win. Michelle is someone who wins in the face of problems, fears, and losses, and enjoys equipping teens with the same key principles on how to do this for themselves.

Michelle works with schools and universities helping students to build their self‑image whether for an interview situation, or to help them overcome the fear of making mistakes. Similarly, she delivers sessions on Employability, CV Success, Basic Workplace Behaviour, Standing Out From The Crowd, Selling Yourself With Ease, and Interview Skills. In the past, Michelle has worked with ‘NEETS’ helping them secure jobs with training centres such as Ingeus and Pinnacle People.

Michelle’s main work helps students to recognise how to ‘Fail Forward’ and that making mistakes is an integral part of success. Michelle facilitates programs such as 'Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn for Teens'which focuses on the learning part of making mistakes along with facilitating the ground‑breaking ‘Leadership Game For Teens’ which helps our future leaders to develop their leadership style in a ‘serious-fun’ way. The Leadership Game can also take away the common pressure teens may feel in a classroom environment, as they answer questions in a unique game setting, which can feel more relaxed and quickly opens up discussions about difficult life issues they may be facing and how to overcome them without feeling singled out.

Everyone makes mistakes but not everybody learns from them. Michelle serves youth and youth organisations today by equipping them with tried, tested and proven tips for dealing with ‘failure’ and how to keep going onto the right path to success. Woven into her work is subtle confidence building techniques that helps teens to see their value by building their self‑image and self-belief.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Michelle delivered an excellent session on leadership, presentations skills, self-branding and job interviews for our level 5 students. Michelle is a very confident and professional speaker. Her passion for the topic and energising speech helps her to build rapport with the audience very quickly. Our students got some great benefits from the talk and workshop. The feedback we have received from our students showed that the session was very informative and useful for improving their employability skills. It is my pleasure to give Michelle my highest recommendation as a guest speaker."

– Hurol Ozcan, Associate Principle Lecturer, Leeds Trinity University

"Michelle delivered an excellent session for year 2 and final year students on self-branding, personal presentation skills and preparation for job interviews. The students enjoyed the highly interactive session, gaining useful advice and tips on how to sell themselves in the highly competitive job market. Feedback after the session was excellent and the students found Michelle inspiring. Michelle is a highly engaging speaker and her enthusiasm meant the students became involved in the activities to maximise the benefits of the session. I am happy to recommend Michelle as a guest speaker. Her sessions can be used in a range of contexts with a wide variety of students and will help develop self-confidence and a better understanding of themselves."

– Ruth Brooks, Principal Lecturer and Head of Undergraduate Management Provision in the Business School, University of Huddersfield

"Michelle has been engaged as a freelance facilitator for the Transformation Trust for the past 7 months, delivering Barclays LifeSkills workshops to nearly 1500 secondary school students in this time. Her sessions have been well received as a facilitator and the feedback has been that she has engaged both the students and staff. She is always polite and enjoys going the extra mile for us. I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle as she has proved to be an energetic and engaging facilitator."

– Amy Hawkins, Senior Programme Manager, The Transformation Trust

"Michelle and her work is to inspire and encourage. This is why we regularly invite her to speak to our students."

– Dr Stephen Gibbs, Senior Lecturer, University of Huddersfield​

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