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Maxwell Muir

Maxwell Muir

Believing that the highest doors of excellence are open to you

Maxwell Muir is a motivational speaker and personal development coach. His focus is on maximizing your personal potential and creating the belief system that the highest doors of excellence are open to you. He is a passionate coach imparting his knowledge and empowering people to take action in their lives.

In his work as a dog trainer and behaviour counsellour over the past 15 years he has developed his passion for helping people overcome stressful experiences by helping them adopt a positive mindset and approach to solving everyday problems relating to stress and achieving daily personal goals. His fascination for the behaviour of human habits and how the brain adjusts to change has led Maxwell to a rigorous course of self-development where he has overcome powerful personal challenges powered by a system of goalsetting and change in mindset.

Maxwell’s enthusiasm for sharing his experiences has led him onto the public speaking circuit. His presentations and coaching sessions are triggered to aid people to take the necessary action in their lives and business to attain maximum results. He is a regular attending member of Toastmasters and PSA (Professional Speaking Association) Scotland attending workshops frequently building on his professional speaking skillset.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Max is a very passionate individual who clearly enjoys sharing his powerful message about self mastery and personal and professional excellence. He incorporates his broad range of life experiences in his communication which helps him build a great rapport with any audience. His story and message about how to overcome challenges and set backs to live your best life inspires and motivates audiences to make the changes required to be the best they can be. I love Max's commitment to being the best he can be and I always feel inspired after hearing him speak."

– Mel Sherwood, Professional Speaker, Trainer and Coach

"Had the pleasure of meeting Maxwell through a personal development workshop at the University of Edinburgh. Maxwell is a great public speaker with a soothing voice and compelling storytelling skills. Maxwell took us on a journey from his troubled youth to how he transitions into the better man he is today. In his talk, I learned that mastering the art of conversation is the key in becoming a good public speaker, how to turn our fears into our sharpest tools, the 7 pillars of focus and the importance of understanding our habits, attitudes, and mindsets that are holding us back. Maxwell is a quality man that is constantly searching to improve. Very pleased to meet someone like him."

– Marco Chak, Social Media Marketer, University of Edinburgh Business School

"Maxwell is a smartly turned out speaker. He exudes confidence and has the ability to draw his audience in with his clear well projected voice and his good use of the English language. He has excellent pace and tells an intriguing story of experiencing and overcoming his own fears, inadequacies, shortcomings and challenges in life. His talks are very well prepared and presented. Maxwell has a talent which I am very confident will develop into him becoming a great speaker. He also has excellent use of humour and he creates a sense of anticipation when he is about to speak. I have no doubt we will be hearing a lot more of him in the years to come."

– Bruce LeLievre, President Haymarket Toastmasters Club Edinburgh, Toastmasters International​

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