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Lucy Parsons

Lucy Parsons

Oxbridge entry expert and author of 'The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take'

When Lucy was nine years old, on a family day trip to Cambridge, she decided that she wanted to study at the university there. At the time she was a pupil at her village primary school. She went on to study at two local comprehensives. None of her teachers particularly believed in her or saw her potential, so with the support of her family, she had to make it happen on her own.

She worked out a study system that earned her five 'A' grades at A-Level and went to study geography at Newham College, Cambridge. After university she was headhunted for her first job with Tesco before retraining to become a secondary school teacher. She now works as a school speaker, academic coach and author helping students to develop the study skills, extra-curricular and supra-curricular activities it takes to achieve the top grades and get into the very best universities.

Lucy’s revision masterclass is hugely popular. In this session (which can be one hour or a full day) Lucy shows students how to identify which revision techniques they should be using, how to develop a personalised revision timetable and how to take breaks that help their learning. Lucy can also offer sessions earlier in the school year about long-term study skills strategies that support success in exams.

Lucy also offers inspirational and practical talks on how to successfully apply to Oxbridge. Lucy’s ‘Your personal statement in one day’ workshop guides students from having a blank piece of paper to a high-quality first draft of their UCAS statement. Lucy has also talked in schools about how she uses digital marketing strategies such as blogging, podcasting and social media to promote the services she offers and her book, The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take.

All Lucy’s talks can be supplemented with talks to parents, or adapted for teachers. There is also continuing support after Lucy has left your school with her blog and podcast (over 160 pieces of content) which you can review.

Lucy and her work has been featured in The Telegraph, The Independent, on Radio 5 Live, The Huffington Post and many other educational websites and magazines.

Testimonials from Teachers

“Lucy’s revision masterclass gave students the confidence to learn strategies which will help them with future revision techniques. By the end of the session students were feeling far more positive about revision and knew exactly what they needed to focus on, students told me that they felt confident about their exams and would actually look forward to sitting them with confidence. I would thoroughly recommend Lucy to all schools especially year 11's and year 13's to learn that exams are not to be afraid of but to rise to the challenge.”

– Hayley Watkinson, Programme Area Manager Social Science and Psychology, Gateway College

“Lucy has provided very good support to our students applying to Oxbridge. Her passion, drive and self belief inspires students to think beyond what they have previously believed is possible. She was able to provide real encouragement to students who were unsure about what the Oxbridge application process has involved with the result that all three who applied obtained interviews at Cambridge this year. Lucy’s personal approach with the excellent web-based communication can provide excellent support for students applying to Oxbridge.”

– Mr J Ditchburn, Leading Tutor Year 13 and Teacher of Geography

"Lucy worked with around 35 of our year 10 and 11 students for the day. She was really inspiring and provided our students with a simple, step by step, guide to effective preparation for their exams. The students came away from the day extremely positive. Lucy really transformed the views our students had of revision. Thank you Lucy!"

– Steve Jump, Assistant Headteacher, John F Kennedy School​

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