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Kelly Thistlethwaite

Kelly Thistlethwaite

Mindfulness - The Power of the Mind for Wellbeing

Kelly's background is in Sports Rehabilitation. She has worked in sports clubs, private injury clinics, the Military Centre of Excellence for Rehabilitation and Help for Heroes Recovery Centre in Catterick where she was a Physical Development Coach Specialising in Health and Wellbeing. She now owns her own Health and Wellbeing Business specialising in delivering Wellbeing Coaching and Yoga in her own studio and delivering programmes in schools and corporate settings.

Kelly has vast experience in working with people who suffer from a wide range of physical and mental health conditions. She understands the deep connection between the body and mind in injury recovery, sporting performance, and everyday life. She is passionate about helping people to identify stress, negative thought patterns and realising the power of their mind in managing their wellbeing and living a meaningful life to their full potential.

Her work within Military Rehabilitation and Help for Heroes lead her to work alongside some of the bravest and most courageous people she has ever met. It also gave her the opportunity to take part in many sporting challenges which pushed her to her limits including The Edinburgh to London Hero Ride, The Race Across America, Ironman Triathlons and The Lakeland 50 Mountain Marathon. These experiences exposed her to many opportunities to learn about the power of the mind, the amazing capabilities of our bodies, resilience, self-confidence, mental toughness, courage, determination and self-belief.

Kelly shares her Life and Work Experiences in her talks and shares her passion for the use of mindfulness and positive thinking to aid wellbeing. She talks about ways to identify our own wellbeing dips-mentally and physically and the sliding scale of wellbeing. Kelly addresses how we are always fluctuating along this scale and how if we regularly check in and identify stress both mentally and physically, we can prevent aspects escalating into larger problem areas. She shares her top coping mechanisms and tools which students can also receive in more details in a handout to take away and digest.

Kelly is honest, real, kind and relatable. She uses a good amount of northern humour in her talks but she is not afraid to deliver the truth also. By sharing her experiences in both physical and mental health, she is vulnerable and open which leads to a connection and better engagement.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Kelly was received very well by the students and I heard students discuss her talk after school which is always a good sign!"

– Ellen Hage, School Counsellor, Royal Ballet School

"Every year I watch able students become more anxious in the preparation for their exams, they place themselves under huge pressure to do well which can affect not only their performance, but their mental health. This year, to promote a positive well-being and mindset, we explored some support for our students. Kelly came in to work with year 12/13 students on the benefits of yoga and relaxation and also the effectiveness of breathing techniques. The sessions were so worthwhile and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive from students-some staff came along too! Kelly is professional and calm and the students immediately liked her. Without doubt we will use Kelly's package in future"

– Caroline Lee, Head of Sixth Form, Brighouse College

"Kelly is so welcoming and open. She enabled me to relax when I was half way through my revision schedule and two weeks before my first exam, something I hadn't managed to do for a long time! I left Kelly's yoga session feeling invigorated and almost carefree. If you struggle with anxiety, or general stress, or if you simply want a method to relax, I would wholeheartedly recommend Kelly's yoga classes"

– Y13 Student, Brighouse College

"With Kelly's help, I am able to tweak my body and soul everyday myself now and have learnt how to maximise the opportunities to generate the endomorphins, the natural pain relievers, to keep me happy, positive and able to deal with my life. From Kelly, I have learnt the art of relaxation at home, to adjust my posture, to stretch, to continue to enjoy movement of any kind and recognise my good fortune in my surroundings. Kelly combines an inherent interest in whoever she meets, their welfare and their individual circumstances and never seeks to be intrusive. She delivers her own brand, strengthening body positions, providing a calm, orderly environment and infiltrates it all with a good dollop of mindfulness."

– Sue Ridgley, Retired PE Teacher, North Yorkshire​

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