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Karen Asemper

Karen Asemper

Make your life the journey of your dreams

Dancer, business woman, and actress - Karen forged successful careers in each of these areas, despite life trying to get in the way.

Karen clung on to a past which saw her at the age of three watching an alcoholic suicidal mother attempt to leave this world, then growing up suffering constant racial abuse, and at 17 with her boyfriend trying to put her on the streets as a sex worker.

Earlier in her life she was forging a successful career as a dancer in New York, taking the world by storm when a tragic accident ended her flourishing career. She then built a million pound business from her home but decided to let it go as the business didn't match her values.

Karen still works successfully as an actress. She has appeared in many popular dramas, gracing our TV screens in Emmerdale, Doctors and Coronation Street. She then moved to the big screen in films; Goal, 11th Hour and 42 Degrees North. She is also a media commentator and a regular guest on BBC Radio Leeds' Liz Green Show.

Karen is passionate about her acting work, yet is equally passionate about nurturing and empowering others. She works as a personal coach and an inspirational/business speaker at public events.

Karen's talks are from the heart and she uses her own life experiences to demonstrate to the audience how to overcome obstacles and how small changes can lead to huge achievements.

She is truly an inspiration to us all and a welcome reminder that what we hold inside of us can bring us untold richness.

Testimonials from Teachers

"I've never met such a unique, amazing woman. Karen has a heart wrenching story to tell with an outcome that is an inspiration to us all. A realist view in a sometimes unfathomable world."

– Lorraine Carvalhal

"I am usually a pessimistic person but Karen has helped me change the way I look at life and its challenges. I am now an optimist and full of hope for success. Karen presentation totally overhualed my personality. Karen made me feel young and capable of changing my life for the better."

– Tsenolo Seloma, Lecturer of Historical Studies at the National University of Lesotho

"As a manager of an international conference focused on woman's empowerment and leadership, I had the opportunity to meet truly amazing people from around the world, Karen definitely left the strongest impression on me, as I had a good feeling about her from the beginning. I asked her to open the conference with her presentation and I must say it was a complete success. Karen inspired and amazed us all. Her story is about survival in spite of life's difficulties, it's about fighting for ones dreams and making them real."

– Jovana Savic, Programme Manager- Tomorrow People​

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