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Kanuka Simpson

Kanuka Simpson

Create confident students who can overcome procrastination and rejection.

We all have things we would like to do, but procrastination gets in the way, lack of confidence, rejection and fear stop us from doing them. Kanuka shows people how to get past these roadblocks and take the action that leads to success.

Kanuka’s main keynote speech centres on the 4 vital steps to taking action: developing Ambition, creating Belief, making the Choice and Doing what it takes. Each step comes with its own difficulties, from developing desire and confidence to getting over rejection, fear and procrastination. Interspersed with personal stories to make the points clear and relatable, his speech inspires, educates and gets people to take action.

Kanuka has been on stage on stage since he was 10 and mentoring since he was 16. He is an author and his book, Start Doing It, can be downloaded from his website. He has lived in several countries and speaks English, French and German fluently (at native level).

Kanuka has worked as a tutor at the University of Avignon in France, as well as in various schools and colleges in New Zealand, has continuously mentored individuals in the various countries he has lived in (Germany, France, England) and spoken on stages in New Zealand, France, Germany and Malaysia.

English dominates the world and is the go-to language when trying to be understood in another country. Trying to speak another language fluently is lengthy, difficult and takes a lot of effort and usually includes living in the country for some time. Kanuka can offer a completely different view on language learning that shows that it is extremely beneficial, especially for children and even if they do not learn to master it.

Kanuka also addresses bullying with an original take on why bullying happens, what leads to bullying and how to stop from being the victim, empowering his audience to stop it before it even starts.

He is currently based in New Zealand, where he works with real estate companies, including LJ Hooker, the New Zealand School Of Radio, various schools and colleges and individuals. His most recent keynote speech was for the Inspire conference in Rotorua, a conference aimed at local artists and aspiring artists, as well as people who work with them and small businesses.

Although he is currently based in New Zealand, Kanuka is coming to live in Europe between December (2016) and September (2017). He is looking to help educational institutions in England create confident students who have the necessary tools to overcome procrastination, fear and rejection to reach their full potential and reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Thanks very much for coming in, the guys really enjoyed it and as you'll see from their feedback, got a lot out of it."

– Hamish Denton, Managing Director, New Zealand School Of Radio

“A mum came up to me and thanked me for having you in the class. She said it had changed her son. There had been a huge shift in him, in confidence, and she felt he had really grown up and was taking more responsibility for himself.”

– Saskia Etherington, Teacher, Waldorf School Tauranga

"Kanuka was able to challenge us within ourselves to find those things that we weren't confident at and actually make us tackle those head on and change things to get the results that we wanted."

– Roanna Gornall, Teacher, Waldorf School Tauranga​

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