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Josephine Perry

Josephine Perry

Mental tricks to become a more confident and successful student

Dr Josephine Perry is a sports psychology consultant working with athletes of all levels (from those just starting out, to those preparing for Tokyo 2020) and ages (from aged 10 to 74), to help them feel more confident in their sporting endeavours and be more successful in their competitions.

With a previous career in communications, she first started learning about performance psychology after competing in Ironman Melbourne in 2013. It was a really windy day with huge waves. For someone used to swimming in a 20 metre London gym pool this was way out of her comfort zone. She heard the commentator mention the waves. He said “you can’t control the conditions. What you can control is the way you choose to react to them.” A light bulb moment.

She realized it was her choice if she was scared or not and had to choose not to be. It became the fastest Ironman she’s raced and set off a full career change. It has taken over five years and two additional degrees but she is now running a thriving sports psychology consultancy; Performance in Mind.

Her talk covers the skills you need to excel in your performance. While the skills are based on sport, many of the techniques and strategies discussed can be beneficial in all areas of life. Josephine regularly receives feedback from the young athletes she advises that they are using the skills she teaches them for their school work as well as sport and they are getting great results from this.

Testimonials from Teachers

“I would really like to thank you for what you did for us last night. It was extremely useful and met very well the hopes and needs of the group that was there. I had some very positive feedback last night and some further messages this morning. It went down very well. Personally I got a great deal from the session and although I can’t say I learnt anything new it put all sorts of disparate thoughts into a much more structured format and gave them much more emphasis. I think this makes them so much more effective when I put them into practice. We really appreciate your time and enthusiasm.”

– Chas, Chairman, Trent Park Running Club

“Thanks for your workshop on Tuesday evening. It was really interesting and the mixture of practical and Q&A worked really, really well! I particularly enjoyed your explanation of goal setting and how to set outcome, performance and process goals and how to revise them if needed!”

– Cindy Croucher-Wright, Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers

“What Josie really helped with was breaking down the process for understanding our own ambitions and then make sure we could frame those goals in the most constructive way. As a club coach, she provided me with invaluable tools to support club members as they prepare for their athletic journeys. I had a both experienced Ironman club members and newbies alike come up to me in the following days to talk about re-framing their season’s goals. And the common goal they all wanted to add? To race… and to have fun! Thank you Dr. Perry for your wise words.”

– Hannah, Member, London Fields Triathlon Club​

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