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Jillian Haslam

Jillian Haslam

Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker & Philanthropist

No one achieves success without paying a price. The real story is always what came before. When you see Jillian Haslam on stage speaking, read her books, or give to her charitable work, what you’re seeing is a testimony to resilience, to never quitting, and to passionately pursuing a better world, even for those in greatest need.

Her book 'Indian. English.' challenged hundreds across the world in how they think about those who by a quirk of fate are consigned to a sub-human life on the margins of society. The book won Jillian many admirers and media attention. Her story was turned into a screenplay that won the “Best screenplay award” at the Monaco Film Festival and has since been picked up by Hollywood and is scheduled to be turned into a feature film.

Jillian has spoken & trained at many schools in and out of the country. To name a few – Sevenoaks, Colston’s, Giggleswick, Ashford, Welland Gouldsmith, Loreto Convent, Auxillium Convent, Jewish Girls School, St. Thomas Girls School among others.

The speeches/programs she would like to recommend for your students are:

  • Finding your voice (a program that deals with low self-confidence & low self-worth)
  • Public Speaking gives you the power to change the world
  • Helping ordinary people to do extraordinary things (a testimony to Jillian’s life & success)
  • An Irrepressible Mind (A mind that is unwilling to relent)
  • Why fear holds us down
  • Why we need to embrace our uniqueness in order to succeed
  • Transitioning from campus to corporate (described as a finishing school for graduates)

A popular media guest, Jillian has been featured on Channel 5, the BBC, The Independent, The Pioneer, The Times, The Telegraph, the Metro, Gulf News and many other major media.

As a speaker, Jillian can motivate and inspire almost any audience, from corporate organisations to social institutions, from the wealthy to the under-privileged in Europe and India.

Testimonials from Teachers

“I was very fortunate to hear you talk at my school recently and your presentation on achieving success through using your own life as an example was truly inspirational. Since your visit, I have already made changes to my life in the hope of achieving new success. There was much within your presentation with which I could compare to my life, the fear and uncertainty of rising above millions of people with the same aims and goals in life, and would like to thank you for spreading your message of achieving personal success. You have already made a difference in my life and I hope your influence does not end after only one brief encounter.”

– Chris van der Merwe, Colston’s School

"The staff and students could not believe their eyes that the lady who made them sit up with awe on Saturday was infront of them. Jillian addressed the Senior students and staff with conviction and ease. She made the most inspirational speech a person could listen to. She was down to earth and honest. She did not camouflage or mince words, every word was spoken with humility. She challenged the girls to make the right choices because that is what defines who we are. We at Loreto Bowbazar have been blessed to interact with her. May God be with her family!"

– Mrs. M. Gaspar, Principal, Loreto School Bowbazar, Calcutta

“Jillian Haslam didn’t get to where is today by chance or coincidence, but as the result of her intelligence, hard work and most importantly because of her determination. This characteristic was apparent from the moment she began her talk, yet it is not the defining memory of her lecture for that surely must be her sincerity and humility. Not many motivational speakers begin by thanking the audience and go on to thank the teachers present for the work they do. However, as she explained, without her teachers she could not have achieved all she has, nor would she have been inspired to now work towards changing lives. The term inspiring is often over-used, yet she truly deserves the epithet as her talk was by turns stirring, moving and encouraging. Her focus was not on telling a rags to riches story that glorified her own achievements, but on outlining how each person can apply similar strategies to their own life and decision making processes to enable them to move towards their goals; in doing so she held her audience totally captivated.”

– Paul Adams, Head Teacher, Giggleswick School​

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