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Hayley Mulenda

Hayley Mulenda

Turning your student's setbacks into comebacks

Hayley Mulenda is an international speaker, author and change agent who has directly impacted over 18,000 people across the world with her journey, life lessons and wisdom. She has been described as "an inspiration for the next generation."

At age 18 Hayley was recognised by 10 Downing Street, Mayor of London, NatWest and Black Enterprise Mogul as one of the most influential black Entrepreneurs in the UK. She has traveled the world working with different schools, institutes and organisations running different workshops, seminars and talks to provide solutions and life strategies.

After nearly committing suicide in 2016 Hayley realised how the increasing issue of mental health is affecting young people and BME groups leading her to become an active advocate for mental health amongst young people and BME groups. Her experiences led to her producing a self-help mental health book "The ABCs To Student Success" that helps young people cope with trials and tribulations life may throw at them. She is one person who has learned how to turn her setbacks into comebacks.

Hayley is a firm believer in "prevention is better than cure" and she now wants to prevent many young people falling into the state she fell into by teaching them how to turn their setbacks into comebacks too.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Hayley was an excellent role model for our learners and genuinely inspirational. The use of personal experiences and the journey that Hayley has made was well expressed and compelling. I found her delivery style confident, eloquent and passionate, which is exactly the positive role model our male and female students need to see more of. I would definitely invite Hayley back."

– Ruth Scott-Kendrick, Head of Learning, Improvement and Standards, College of North West London

"I have seen a massive change in students since Hayley has come into the school, the girls are now more motivated and ready to face their exams which I am so happy about. Hayley was exactly what was needed to give them a boost in the right direction!"

– Mrs Sarah Siaw, Deputy Head Teacher, St. Angela's Ursuline

"Thank you so much Hayley, for visiting Aga Khan school in Uganda, we are so happy you came. The way you engaged with the students was incredible, I am speechless. I can see how much you have impacted them and the mark you have left on their lives is priceless, thank you! We want you back again"

– Mr Samuel Mukoma, Head of Upper School, Aga Khan International School

"The session was amazing! So much so, I can honestly say that both Hayley and Kamal have left a footprint on my own heart. The work you do is invaluable"

– Mrs ZC Maloney-Rock, Form Teacher, Whalley Range High School​

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