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Garth Delikan

Garth Delikan

The Well Being Guy - health, exercise, nutrition, attitude, goals & mental health expert

Garth Delikans’ workshops across schools have given students and teachers alike a clearer direction of their future pathway, increased self-esteem, self-confidence and the basic skills, techniques and strategies to be more confident in life!

Body Image and Health

With obesity being a national epidemic it’s not surprising to know that by the time a woman reaches age 40 she’s been on 61 diets and that very first diet begins at the tender age of 8! Garth works with students on building positive body image. Building and reinforcing confidence and self-esteem through positive thought and powerful creative visualisation processes helps to stop it spreading at its root cause.

Mental Health and Well Being

Garth provides mental health support for pupils. By creating an environment where children and young people feel safe and happy you can begin to help pupils understand and find ways to manage their emotions and mental health and address matters such as:




Body image,


Pressures caused by Social media

Being Bullied

Anger Issues

Goal Setting and Confidence Building

Confidence building is all about learning how to deal with any situation and maximise it’s potential, whether it’s dealing with bullying, educational success or body image and self-esteem and giving students goal setting exercises to give them clearer targets for what they would like to achieve in their lives.

Why choose Garth as your expert? He really is an expert with a lifetime of learning – and has put it into practice with fantastic results. Garth is his own living testimonial when it comes to reinventing yourself and finding your purpose.

Testimonials from Teachers

"We have had the privilege of having Garth as a guest speaker for several of our Curriculum Enrichment Days. Garth is able to speak confidently to students from a wide variety of backgrounds and of different ages. He has presented on the topic of homelessness and the underprivileged in our society and has many other skills and experiences he can share. Students have found his presentations both challenging and though-provoking. Garth is an engaging speaker who uses a full range of interactive media. He is very well organised and is flexible in meeting the needs of the school. We would certainly engage Garth’s services again."

– Gareth Williams, Deputy Headteacher, Grays Convent High School

"The talk was a very insightful view into the life of someone who had had the experiences of Garth. And he delivered it in a way that students could relate and understand. Students found it very engaging and the activities that Garth got the students to do really added to their understand and learning. So much so that a group of students asked if Charter House could be the charity that we fundraised for as a school that year, which the school did."

– Ms Clare Statovci, Head of citizenship & PSHE, St Thomas More Catholic High School

"Thank you for having gone through the effort of taking such a long journey for the purpose of leading our school inset. I will be honest with you and tell you that it must have been one of the best insets I have yet attended. Usually whenever I see a PowerPoint being involved, I automatically expect a very boring, dragged speech. However, although your inset was accompanied with a PowerPoint presentation, it was not like the usual, it was really fun and beneficial! I've learnt so much from you, and what I really loved most was the way 90% of your inset was based around fun activities related to the topic. You reminded me that nothing was impossible, and that everything we do evolves around the way we programme our brain. Thanks to you I have started working on one of my life goals!"

– Hajer, Resident Teacher, Quwwat-Ul-Islam Girls' School

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