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Freddy Naftel

Freddy Naftel

Judaism, The Legacy of The Holocaust and Anti-Semitism Today - A Personal Story

Freddy is a very experienced public speaker, educator and lecturer, having taught Music and RE for 25 years in secondary schools and sixth form colleges. Freddy has made a specific study of contemporary anti-semitism and of genocide since The Holocaust and shares a very important family story, which is always really appreciated by young people.

Freddy has very specific views on certain topics related to the general theme and likes to share them with students, which encourages them to make pertinent observations. In this day and age of racism in all its ugly incarnations, it is a poignant reminder of how one form of prejudice became a political weapon, resulting in one of the worst acts of mass murder in history. This cannot be forgotten, neither can those voices which deny and denounce The Holocaust itself.

Freddy’s Mother and Grandparents escaped from Nazi Germany, his Great-Grandma survived the camps and his Great Aunt and Great Uncle both perished in Auschwitz. Freddy relates their story and how his family came to terms with The Holocaust and its aftermath. Freddy himself has been the victim of prejudice, both as a student and in his professional career as a Music/RE teacher. He talks about what it means to be Jewish today in the face of increasing anti-semitism and confronts myths and stereotypes, making a plea for tolerance and respect for all.

Freddy makes a point of asking questions as part of his presentations and uses various resources to illustrate the talks/workshops, including photos from the time of The Holocaust and contemporary accounts of worldwide prejudice. Some of the photographic evidence will never have been seen before and certainly never featured in any media reporting across the globe.

Freddy is always happy to adapt and format his talks to suit a particular curricular theme and can approach the topic from a History, RE and Life Skills/Citizenship point of view.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Freddy, your presentations engaged students of all ages throughout the day, through integrating personal experience of anti-semitism, within the context of the wider social problem of this kind of prejudice. The way that the delivery was tailored seamlessly for each year group was fantastically thoughtful and showed an excellent understanding of how to speak out to young students about a sensitive subject. I know that the delivery of visual media was particularly useful in helping students understand the severity of the impact of discriminatory behaviour. All in all, everyone, both staff and students alike spoke of how touching the presentations were. Thank you for allowing us to hear them."

– Kate Clark, Learning Leader, Education for Life, The County High School

"We were pleased that you addressed in a very clear manner the current rise in anti-semitism, particularly introducing the boys to your own experiences. Showing the connection between the rise in anti-semitism and anti-Israel rhetoric was a particularly important message which you addressed clearly. The issue of banter was important for the boys to hear. You made the case very clearly that banter of an anti-semitic nature hurts and isn't as innocent as some would make out. Finally you tied the talk into your own family history as holocaust victims in a very moving and powerful way. We look forward to welcoming you back to Eton in the future and wish you very well in the important work you are undertaking."

– Jonathan Paull, Jewish Tutor, Eton College

"Mr Freddy Naftel came to talk to our GCSE and Year 8 students about the Holocaust. We were shown a range of video clips and photographs, including members of his family, some of whom had escaped from Nazi Germany and his Great Aunty and Uncle who perished in Auschwitz. He also discussed the problem of anti-semitism today as well as other forms of intolerance and invited students to consider why discrimination still exists. The talk was excellent and the students appreciated a personal perspective on the Holocaust. I have spoken to some Y10 and Y11 students and they really enjoyed it. Some of their comments included 'It was really interested to hear about the Holocaust from someone who has links to it' and 'I was shocked by the video at the end'. The students got a lot from it."

– Becky Abbotson, Alsager School​

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