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Elise Wilkinson-Taylor

Elise Wilkinson-Taylor

Talking about Mental health is more than ever. Let's remind our young people - it's ok to speak up

Elise is a Mental Health advocate who is currently training to become a counsellor. Elise runs her business, Speakinguptoday, which is centered around mental health/illness. It aims to destigmatise the conversation around Mental Health, create awareness around the topic and also to create a voice for others.

Elise has 9 years of lived experience with mental illnesses and almost 3 years of having counseling which is beneficial when doing her talks as she can deliver them with empathy and lived experience.

The talks are centred around Elise's slogan, ' it's okay to speak up' - which encourages young people to reach out about their mental health struggles. It also aims to remove the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, encouraging students to talk to their teachers, peers, and careers. Elise's talks can be anywhere from an assembly to a full hour - depending on the need of the school.

Elise uses her lived experience to deliver her talks, talking about how she went from her lowest moments of suicidal ideation to now training to become a counsellour and doing public speeches around mental illness. Which she hopes will encourage young people to reach out themselves. Her talks also educate young people on what the signs of Ill-mental health look like, so they can recognise it in themselves & a friend. They will also include ways to help Ill mental health and mental illnesses.

As part of Elise's talks, Elise includes a help pack for the students; This contains where the students can get help, external counseling services, how to reach out to your GP, etc. This pack is tailored to each individual institution. The pack will also include ways/apps the students can help improve their mental wellbeing.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Elise provided an excellent session focused on speaking up about your mental health. She had students captivated from start to finish, with many asking for her to come back in again. We would definitely have her back. She also provided the same talk to different year groups through the day, all with the same energy and passion. Very happy with the pack she provides for after the talk."

– - depty head ????

"Elise returned to her secondary school to give a frank and open talk on mental health and eating disorders. She was both eloquent and relatable to the students, sharing her own battles with her mental health through her school years and beyond, whilst also showing how much she has progressed after seeking help. She was well prepared for an assembly of 350 students and showed great professionalism. Students listened in silence to her story and have been encouraged to speak up and seek help. Thank you Elise, we look forward to future visits."

– Fiona Ryan, Head of House, Newland School for Girls

"Elise provided an excellent talk which she delivered with confidence and professionalism. She was clear with the message she wanted to convert and delivered it in a sensitive way. she was informative and showed empathy to the young people in her audience. Certinatly a speaker who we invite back to the school in the future."

– Mrs A Taylor, Head of House, Newland School for Girls.

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