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David Taylor

David Taylor

Out of Africa - Leadership from the edge; powerful lessons in leadership from Liberia at the start of the Ebola crisis.

David's passion is transformation and he believes that transformation starts in the heart of each of us. Transformation is the fuel for his multiple projects in Africa and India; ordinarily, David is an entrepreneur who over the past ten years has created two, seven-figure businesses in the coaching and consulting sector.

In 2014, when David visited Liberia at the start of the Ebola outbreak, he discovered a depth and clarity of passion that is rare to find, especially in young teenagers. Many of his stories come from that experience and touch on powerful leadership, as well as cultural and social themes.

David has stories of young girls saved from working the streets in some of the worst slums, experiences of delivering clean water to villages where 15% of children die due to dirty water, stories of heroism and loss. Lessons in clarity, purpose, courage and choice.

Born in a women's shelter, a home for 'fallen women', David spent much of the first year of his life in the care of Barnado's. Through the process of being fostered and adopted, David concluded at a young age that he was responsible for creating his own life.

Over the years David has worked with powerful organisations and powerful individuals - Barclays, Deloitte, Wipro Technologies and many others. David is also a director and founding partner of a specialist multi-million dollar consultancy; and a trainer with Robbins Research International, working with Tony Robbins at live events around the world.

Over his career, David has been interviewed and featured by the BBC, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Scotsman, TIME and a number of industry and sports publications and at one time a regular feature writer in a sports magazine.

David's experience has taught him that leadership lessons can be found in the most unexpected of places, unlocking transformation through the sharing of these experiences is at the core of his speaking.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Our pupils had a thought-provoking afternoon which will stay with them for many months to come. They particularly enjoyed the interactive activities as they really helped them all to visualise the situations."

– Helen Todd, Head Teacher, Bootham Junior School

"He has many profound life lessons and distinctions to share following his work in Liberia and illustrates them beautifully. I have rarely seen the audience so spellbound."

– Catherine Patel, Director BNI Yorkshire, Chair Yes Group North

"David is a man who walks his talk. He lives by his values. He is a man of his word."

– Rich Litvin, Author and Leadership Coach

"You also get a very real sense that his inspiration comes from having been, seen and done it… and not just something he picked up in a book. First class!”

– Darren Shaw, Business in Yorkshire

"I have used David as a speaker on two occasions because he delivers top quality, thought-provoking content that challenges the audience to think and to do things differently. David’s delivery is full of energy, his props and material are engaging and very original and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a highly inspiring speaker."

– Jane Bytheway, The Magnet Club​

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