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David Pickford

David Pickford

Exciting talks by a leading adventure sportsman, magazine editor & widely published writer and photographer

David Pickford is an adventure sportsman, magazine editor, and widely published writer and photographer based in the United Kingdom. For the past 6 years he has been editor-in-chief of Climb, Britain’s leading climbing and mountaineering magazine, and is one of the most prominent contemporary commentators on the sport. He was a professional climber for many years, and has made numerous first ascents of highly adventurous climbs around the world, from the cliffs of England and Wales to the mountains of Asia and Africa. He continues to climb at a high level today.

David’s writing has featured in numerous publications both in Britain and the United States over the past decade. In 2013, his photographic book "The Light Elsewhere: Encounters With The Elemental World" received widespread critical acclaim. In 2015, his second book, a work of fiction called "After The Crash and other stories", was published by Vertebrate Publishing:

In today’s world, the opportunities for young people to follow a successful multi-dimensional ‘portfolio career’ are growing exponentially. In business, in technology and finance, and in the arts and the media, the idea of a linear career in a single field is increasingly seen as an archaic concept. But how can young people make sense of all this, and make an educated decision about how to plan their future? The answer is surely obvious. They need information and inspiration from someone who has a successful portfolio career - someone like David Pickford.

His talks uses examples from David’s remarkable experiences as a climber, mountaineer and adventure athlete, and his current employment as a magazine editor, outdoor photographer and widely-published writer to show how young people can forge a unique, bespoke working life that they enjoy immensely as well as excel in. Drawing on David’s own personal experience, the lecture also uses fascinating examples from the life and work of other prominent individuals around the world working in interesting and unusual fields, from adventure sports to hi-tech start-ups, and from art to astrophysics.

Testimonials from Teachers

“Thank you so much for your fascinating lecture on approaches to risk for young people. You gave our students valuable insights into important subjects such as self-awareness, self-reliance and the value of determination; subjects that the normal school curriculum cannot teach them.”

– Shaftesbury School, Dorset

“Thank you very much for such a great lecture illustrated by stunning slides. I have had very positive comments from our students, and the philosophy of risk that you included certainly made them think.”

– Tony Chew, Clayesmore School

“Thanks for a superb lecture – your inspirational photos and adventure stories were just the thing to get our brand managers excited about the new project.”

– Red Bull UK​

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