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David McQueen

David McQueen

Focus on your brilliant future!

David McQueen has been educating, inspiring and entertaining young people & teachers for over twenty years. He has spoken all over the world empowering students and teachers to step into their magnificence. He was the presenter on Channel 4’s 'Vocation, Vocation, Vocation' where he and his co-presenter helped ten teenagers around the country to discover their career options. He has interviewed Sir Richard Branson twice and has worked with Virgin Management on a range of projects.

David has two main speeches for students:

“Playing To Win” focuses on getting students to realise the keys for success when learning at school. This speech gets students to recognise their personal responsibility for their education and that is how they choose to learn and apply that knowledge to both their exams and their future learning which will determine their success in their chosen field.

“My Brilliant Future” is a motivating keynote that helps students to think about the future career paths they want to explore and how to achieve them. The speech is tailored specifically to the all the key stages to get them to think about what it takes to be able to achieve the goals they are heading towards. Giving them insights into what skills, talents, mind-set and experience is needed to succeed in all career groups

David also works with Head Teachers, Senior Leadership Teams and general teaching staff to help them find clarity in their leadership and develop the essentials skills to stay motivated. “Lead From The Centre” is a speech about whole school leadership and empowers staff to be B.R.A.V.E. In this speech David shows how to make sense of the leadership environment and highlight strategies to lead and motivate themselves, fellow staff and students. He has spoken at teacher conferences around the world including SSAT conference and TTO days at International Schools.

David has been speaking professionally in both business and education much of his career. He is a well-respected keynote speaker and conference facilitator who combines humour with, life experience and research to deliver impactful messages to his audiences. From corporates to non-profits David has worked with audiences using storytelling and advanced presentation skills to encourage excellence in personal and professional development. David has the ability to capture an audience in his opening paragraph and keep them enthralled until the very end and beyond.

David mainly delivers keynote speeches for organisations and education for up to 60 minutes.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Our students found Dave McQueen entertaining and reached them on their level. The central messages were pitched perfectly with a good level of humour. One student said, "best outside speaker we have had" and the group I had following the talk, could see how it related to their studies and goals for the future,. where they just wanted to revise to ensure they do well in their mocks. He defiantly grasped their attention."

– Jamie Lever,Director of Learning for Student Progress

“165 students, without exception, rated David’s speech as being an extremely positive experience… I will definitely be booking David for similar events in the future

– Alison Lecky, Herts and Essex High School

“Excellent! The message that David got across to our students in attendance about them being “magnificent” is such a strong important message for our student’s, who often come from families where aspirations are low. The evening was a great success. The feedback from parents and students has been amazing. I really look forward to working with David”

– Liam Evans, Assistant Head Teacher, Poole Hayes Arts & Community School​

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