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David McCrae

David McCrae

Author Your Life

David believes all of us reach a point in our lives where we look at the narrative we've been living to, and realise we haven't been living our life to the fullest. When we realise this, we make the most important decision of our lives, to start creating the story that we're meant to be a part of.

David calls this moment of realisation the moment of Critical Mass. It is where we are more scared of staying the same than we are of changing. His moment of Critical Mass came at age 22, as he watched his Dad lose his fight with cancer. Standing at the doorway of his dad’s hospice room, looking back at his dad lying there on his deathbed, David realised one day that was going to be him.

One day we will all be lying on our deathbeds, and we will look back on our lives and assess whether we lived a good life. Were we a hero in our own personal stories?

Up until that point, David hadn’t been living a story that was truly him. At that doorway, he made the decision that he was going to write a very different script to the one he had been living to up until that point. He didn’t recognise it at the time, but he had made the decision to Author his Life.

From that point on, David has been helping people to change their stories of their lives, and become the heroes they were meant to be. This has been achieved through the #1 Amazon bestselling book 'The Last 60 Minutes', inspirational talks and seminars, and the creation of the Author Your Life Community. David has been studying psychology for eight years now, identifying how we master ourselves and master our lives.

The Author Your Life movement is based on helping people connect with their authentic self. When we find alignment with three core principles of Consciousness, Calling and Connection, then we begin to live authentically, and enter a state of fulfilment. This is a state where we feel nothing is missing or lacking, we are “filled-full”. In his talks, David promises to help students hit their own point of Critical Mass, and empower them to begin to Author their Life.

Testimonials from Teachers

“The best personal development work shop I've attended…you're world class David, WORLD CLASS.”

– Chevonne Clay, Sales Representative, Arbonne

"Probably the best workshop I've been to. David has an amazing capability and he's a great teacher. He's simply amazing."

– Anton Richardson, Cyber Security Engineer, Computer Network Defence Ltd

"I really enjoyed it and found it really valuable. I think David has a really good paradigm for how to live your life. In particular, I found his way of setting goals much more in tune with me and way more likely to get things done."

– Susan Bahnsen, Property Manager, Blue Sky Property Investments​

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