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Claire Lomas

Claire Lomas

The first and only paralysed person to walk the London Marathon

Claire’s life turned upside down on 6th May 2007 when she became paralysed from the chest down in a horse riding accident that happened in a split second.

Claire was a chiropractor and top level event rider when this freak accident left her unable to do the things she loved. There were plenty of days Claire struggled to even get the motivation to get up but over time she rebuilt her life.

After her accident Claire married Dan, they had a baby girl - Maisie. On top of all this, she found new sports (skiing and handcycling), set up a business and went on to fundraise to help get a cure for paralysis.

In 2012 Claire became headline news worldwide. She was the first (and only) paralysed person to walk the London Marathon, she did it in a pioneering robotic suit. It took 17 days and raised £210,000 for Spinal Research.

She was then invited to light the Paralympic cauldron in Trafalgar Square, and won numerous national awards.

On 13th May 2013 Claire completed her next challenge - handcycling 400 miles around parts of England and visiting many schools along the way to do inspirational talks raising another £85,000.

Always wanting a challenge, Claire decided not to have a ghost writer or publisher and went on to write her book 'Finding My Feet' which was self-published in February 2014. It also raises money for the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation. 'Finding My Feet' has excellent reviews on Amazon, and Claire has already sold over 2,500 copies.

Claire speaks about how becoming paralysed has had a dramatic affect on her life. She covers the impact of a spinal injury and how she had to rebuild her life. The message is to believe, dream and never give up. In the first year after her tragic accident she would never have believed she could go on and have the best days in her life. Claire talks about how she turned her situation from being at rock bottom, to being happier than she ever has been before.

Testimonials from Teachers

“I listened to your presentation in the Farrer Theatre in Eton on Friday, and was thoroughly impressed and humbled by your achievements and ‘joie de vie’. You were a great example to our boys, and certainly inspired them. Thank you for taking the time to visit us.”

– Eton College

"When Claire spoke during her assembly, you could hear a pin drop! The pupils and staff listened with admiration and respect and were totally in awe of this amazing lady. She speaks from the heart, showing passion and humour about her life and the challenges she faces on a daily basis. The College was so inspired by her story and the way she approaches life. Her underlying message was “you make your own luck” “take opportunities” and “make sure you live life to the full and never give up”. Such a simple message for teachers to say on a daily basis but coming from Claire Lomas, it has a far greater influence on youngsters as we have seen."

– Jo Wyeth, Brockington College, Leicester

"This is just to say thank you again for coming in to talk to the girls this morning. Both staff and pupils have come up to me throughout the day to say how much they were moved and inspired by hearing you talk about your experiences. I chatted to one girl at lunchtime who told me you were the best speaker she has ever listened to. So I'd say that was a success!"

– Headington School

"Without any doubt, Claire Lomas was the perfect guest speaker for this event – she has achieved what she set out to do and more. Her incredible honesty about her journey and experience was inspirational and impressive and a lesson to us all on determination and courage. Claire is an intelligent, captive speaker, who delivered so many valuable messages regarding achieving personal potential, following your dreams, aiming high and remaining positive. A credit to all that heard her speak."

– Thames Valley Police

"Claire provided a riveting finale to our recent National Partners Conference . Her frank and poignant presentation of her personal journey from a superfit event rider to a paraplegic monoskier as a result of a freak accident which could affect anyone, had our business audience of 140 people rapt with admiration. She is an exceptional individual with a courageous fighting spirit. Her enthusiasm for life, refusal to give in, ability to adapt and ambition to succeed left a lasting impression and inspired everyone in the room."

– David West, Consultant and Organiser of Partners Conference, Freeths LLP​

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