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Chris Hare

Chris Hare

Teachers and pupils can easily and rapidly improve their memory and powers of recall whilst enjoying Chris Hare's "Sensational Memory" interactive talk

Sensational Memory will speed up exam revision and make it a fun and enjoyable experience but more importantly the Sensational Memory techniques whilst easy to learn are highly effective.

Pupils and teachers can easily and rapidly improve their memory and powers of recall whilst enjoying Chris Hare's "Sensational Memory" interactive talk. Teachers are welcome to submit passages of exam syllabus so Chris Hare can demonstrate to the pupils how to apply the Sensational Memory techniques and put them into practice with immediate effect.

Chris Hare has written a book on memory entitled “Sensational Memory” and he will be pleased to present a free complimentary copy for your school library, after performing his fun and interactive “Sensational Memory Lecture.”

Chris Hare is a professional speaker with over thirty years’ experience and has travelled to several countries performing his Mindboggling and Memory Show.

Surprisingly, the techniques that Chris teaches although a little unusual, are fun and simple to implement. However, despite their simplicity they are most highly effective. With a little practice and application, pupils are able to develop a most useful life skill and cultivate a fun and intriguing hobby which is free to enjoy at any time. After learning the techniques pupils find that even without using the techniques their natural memory improves and so does their self-confidence.

On several occasions Chris Hare has memorised over 300 cruise ship passengers’ names and birthdays and been able to recall them instantly. He appeared on Maltese television and achieved top viewing figures on a live TV programme where he memorised the names and faces of the entire studio audience of over 100 people and was also able to recall them instantly. These amazing feats were achieved by using the very same Sensational Memory techniques that your pupils will learn very quickly when Chris Hare visits your school.

Don’t forget, don’t delay - call us today to check out Chris Hare’s Sensational Memory’s availability.

Testimonials from Teachers

"You did a great job on Monday. Thank you so much. The Staff and the Head were most impressed AND OF COURSE SO WERE THE PUPILS. We would like to welcome you back in December!"

– Nigel Baxter, Feltonfleet School

"Thank you very much for yesterday - it went very well - my daughter loved it. I would like to have you back."

– Andrea Johnson, Tudor Hall School

"I have studied memory and mnemonic techniques on and off for several years and I have to say that Sensational Memory is one of the best all round guides I have read. The book is very easy to read and understand and goes through a lot of practical examples to get you started, the section on memorising prose is particularly strong and not something I have seen in any of the other books I have read. I used techniques from Chris Hare's book when studying for exams recently and managed to get a distinction in my MSc, so I can say that the book is practical as well as entertaining!"

– Joe Stone MSc

"Sensational Memory has been a big hit in our house. Written in such a user friendly manner has made it simple to try out some of Chris Hare’s techniques particularly for my three children ranging from 12 to 18 years old. They have even put them to good use with their exam revision!"

– Louise Johnson​

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