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Ceril Campbell

Ceril Campbell

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

Ceril has presented BBC’s Ascot Fashion coverage and GMTV fashion. She is a style and image expert/commentator on BBC TV News, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio London. Ceril was also guest expert for the legendary Bob Mackei for QVC.UK TV shopping channel. Ceril's style tips and quotes can be read regularly in newspapers and magazines and also in her book, “Discover the New You - celebrity stylist secrets to transform your life and style.”

Ceril has had a career of over 30 years both in the USA and UK in styling, advising and re-imaging film stars, pop stars, TV actors and presenters and sports personalities. Celebrities that Ceril has styled over her long and successful career include Darcey Bussell, Serena Williams, Shakira Caine, Anna Kournikova, Jane Seymour and Zara Phillips.

Using her years of experience working in the media behind and in front of the camera and now with her own social media channels, Ceril understands the challenges young teens now have with differentiating reality and virtual reality. Unrealistic, airbrushed, photo-shopped images, seen online, create comparison anxieties as to why this unattainable ideal of perfection never matches the image a child, however young, sees of him or herself in the mirror. The 'selfie' culture on social media sites and and on anonymous rating apps further encourage negative, self-destructive, thought processes.

  • The more followers = how pretty/attractive/fit/popular you are
  • The more likes = how pretty/attractive/fit/popular you are
  • The more online approval ratings = how pretty/attractive/fit/popular you are
The concept that those who don't know you, but can still rate the virtual you, will create a skewed vision of the virtual versus the real. Who are your real friends? This leads to lack of self-esteem, self-hatred, body-image and self-confidence issues as well as the beginning of the road to self-harm and eating disorders.

Nowadays, it is no longer just a celebrity crush or an airbrushed beauty ad that influences young children and teens of both sexes, but all social media channels, and also the especially worrying trend of sexting. The extreme pressure to be perfect in every way is now affecting both girls and boys who have not yet even reached their teens.

Ceril can change the perceptions and views of the teens in your school on social media and offer them an unexpected adult viewpoint of how to have a positive and forward looking experience online rather than the expected adult negative view.

Testimonials from Teachers

"I want to thank you for representing us with professionalism, respect and grace. We truly appreciate it. You helped build our brand into something very important to QVC-UK, and we are very thankful. You should be proud of your efforts with us."

– Marc Schwartz, COO, Bob Mackie Design Group

"Just had the talk with Mrs Campbell and really enjoyed it. She was so lovely. Really changed lots of people in our year's opinions"

– Mimi, Year 9

"The day was motivating and inspiring and achieved exactly the results I was looking for"

– Tanya Goodin, CEO, Tamar​

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