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Bianca Miller

Bianca Miller

Entrepreneur and Apprentice Finalist Bianca inspires students to better themselves, helping to understand the attributes they require to be successful in employment and enterprise after education!

Bianca is 2014 BBC1 ‘The Apprentice’ finalist, an award nominated entrepreneur, workshop facilitator and speaker. She started her business in 2012 on the premise that all people should be able to access services to aid their personal development and to build their personal brand.

After studying Business Management at the University of Sussex, Bianca joined the world’s largest management consulting firm (Accenture). Bianca was HR advisor to a third of a thousand strong graduate group. In addition to her role, she was asked to develop an initiative to help the graduates develop the desirable skills to aid their career advancement. Bianca began advising graduates of the personal brand attributes required to be successful.

Having thoroughly enjoyed a career at Accenture, she felt it was time to move on and took a position at a top financial recruitment firm.

A brief stint in the world of recruitment enabled Bianca to experience firsthand the plight of unemployed individuals seeking employment in tough economic times. Time and time again the same types of people succeeded because they understood the importance of their personal brand. Conversely time and time again the majority failed to even pass the first two hurdles. Hurdle number 1 - writing a CV that was captivating / interesting enough to even warrant a phone call from a recruitment consultant. Hurdle 2- Having the right experience on paper and thus being invited into the agency to then fail to execute a satisfactory interview.

Personal development was clearly a requirement across the board, some call it softer skills training which slightly undermines its importance. The ability to engage in conversation, effectively network, convey expertise, be presentable and deliver consistently on your brand offering is far from soft. In fact, it is quite hard!

Bianca is currently securing funding to launch her new hosiery company ‘Bianca Miller London’ which was shown on the hit TV show The Apprentice.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Bianca Miller of Be Employed UK delivered a 'personal branding' session to pupils in year 8 (14 year old's) as part of LSE’s 'Promoting Potential 'Summer School in August 2012. The session preceded an offsite visit to Credit Suisse and gave the pupils essential knowledge, including how to dress for success, how to network and how to start and end a conversation politely. The pupils enjoyed the interactive nature of the session and were practising the networking skills they had been taught, long after the session had ended."

– School of Economics

"The use of relevant visual aids, as well as Bianca's ability to engage the cohort, meant the session was received positively, with 16 of the 19 pupils giving the session the highest rating of ‘Very good’. LSE's Widening Participation team will be using The Be Group to deliver pre-work experience sessions to our sixth form students on the Pathways to law programme and would highly recommend this service to organisations that are keen to develop the 'softer skills' and confidence that pupils often lack."

– Niaomi Collett, Widening Participation Officer

“Brilliant speaker, I came along to accompany a friend and learnt a lot. Her enthusiasm was infectious!”

– Delegate at Global Bank Talk

“Very insightful in learning about developing yourself, very good way of staying focused through the use of various exercises”

– Law Firm 2012

“Bianca is very relatable and has an engaging disposition. The CV workshop was so useful and I can’t wait to update my work experience”

– Student at London College of Communication (UAL)

“I learnt how to introduce myself within 30 seconds”

– Student at London Academy School 2013

“I learnt about the website LinkedIn and I am now aware of how to network with like minded individuals”

– John Ruskin College

“Really think Bianca delivers the talks with clarity and confidence and I feel genuinely informed”

– Student Enterprise and Employability, University of the Arts

"Bianca is an outstanding lady full of confidence, charm and poise. She knows her craft well and also demonstrates the humility to learn and absorb new influences and insights. She was instrumental in delivering some of our most highly rated training sessions across various UK Universities for a global bank recently. We would have no hesitation in recommending her as a perfect combination of professional expertise and personal effectiveness who delivers an outstanding training experience! Hired Bianca as a Personal Branding Specialist Faculty Trainer in 2012, and hired Bianca more than once."

– Sanjeevan Valanju, Director​

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