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Ava Grace

Ava Grace

Overcoming adversity to become a successful actress

Ava grew up in a small town where most female ambitions were to study hair and beauty or to become a mother. There is nothing in wrong in that, but she wanted to aim a little higher. From average GCSE results to a Triple Distinction Performing Arts BTEC - she moved on to a top ten university!

After graduation she ran into the performance world with her feet on fire and fell head first into modelling. The lessons learnt there about being true to yourself have empowered her for life.

Unfortunately the man she met and fell in love with in 2005, turned out to be a devil in disguise. Aged eighteen to twenty six Ava battled for freedom in an eight year long abusive relationship. It took away her dance career, friends and almost her family.

Coming out the other side she has managed to create a powerful and strong acting career, whilst delivering drama workshops and indulging in writing her first autobiography. Ava has come all of this way on her own and intends to continue on her path with her own two feet. Overcoming trauma and finding happiness is the hardest challenge yet, but she is determined to make that happen.

"Its not all about goal setting and finding opportunities, but looking for doors you thought were closed, looking to yourself for the answers and learning to reflect and take responsibility. Everything is within our power, even when its not." - Ava

Ava is currently starring in 'A Lesson Learnt', an award winning online series. The short film, 'The Elephant In The Room' and a Weight Watchers 'say yes' commercial also stars Ava.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Ava is a natural speaker, with a warmth and passion that fills the room. She offers her heart on her sleeve and doesn't sugar coat the truth. I was there for my students but left with some nuggets for myself as well."

– Jennifer Fulbrook, Head of Drama, Hylands Academy

"If I could bottle her laugh and keep it I would! Her smile and laughter lit up the classroom. The performing arts students walked away with an armoury of information on how to market themselves and inspiration to do it."

– Frank Burlingham, Performing Arts Business Teacher, Suffolk College

"She has gone from strength to strength with our students. Showing them from the inside out what it’s really like to be an actress and how to survive in this industry with your heart intact."

– Imogen Fraser, Suffolk New College

"She has delivered a cohort of exceptional students with a skill set and amazing achievement possibilities."

– Jeff Goy, Assistant Head, Eastbury Comprehensive​

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