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Andrew Shanahan

Andrew Shanahan

Do you have a battle to fight against fat? Andrew will help you win.

As an award-winning writer Andrew Shanahan had created his dream career working as a food critic. Consuming everything he wanted from the finest vineyards to the delicacies from the world's greatest restaurants was a dream come true, until it nearly killed him. As his career took off he found his clothes getting tighter and tighter, until eventually his BMI was truly in the obese range, his health failed and he had to accept that he was totally, unbelievably and impressively fat.

The changes he created in his life with food and activity - simple, sensible healthy changes that anyone could make - have seen his BMI return to the healthy range and he now competes regularly in triathlons and is taking on an Iron Man in 2015. The change in his health also made him realise that men and boys have no voice around weight loss - and that causes the subject to remain taboo and untouched. One result of this is 66% of men in the UK are overweight or obese, which is predicted to rise to 74% by 2030. All of this leads to misery, a loss of confidence and a host of serious health problems.

This led Andrew to quit the world of five star restaurants and champagne tastings to start a new mission: MAN v FAT. A chance to encourage, inspire and educate the 20.4 million overweight and obese men in the UK about how to win their own battle with fat.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Weight and obesity issues are the biggest public health crisis in the world that we have a chance of doing something about. MAN v FAT is a significant addition to the battle and we are happy to support their mission to help men beat fat."

– National Obesity Forum

"Currently there are few options for men wanting to achieve a healthier weight, despite an unprecedented rise in the incidence of male obesity. It’s definitely high time that someone somewhere thought about the type of information men need and how best to support and motivate them to achieve a better body size. That's why HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity are delighted to hear about the launch of MAN v FAT aimed at helping men get to grips with weight issues."


The commitment of those behind MAN v FAT to take an evidence-based nutritional and exercise approach to weight loss is admirable."

– Terry Jones, Director of Communication at the Food and Drink Federation

"Men need more encouragement and support with weight loss than they currently get. MAN v FAT is a really good step towards that becoming a reality and the Men's Health Forum is happy to support their work."

– Men's Health Forum​

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