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Dragons Den.

Published 21st January 2014 by Rachel Sharpe

The new series of the BBC 'Dragons Den' returns to our screens 26th January.

We are really pleased to work with a number of schools on their own enterprise Dragon Den days.

If you are thinking of starting your own school enterprise project check out our top tips.

Top tips

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Ban energy drinks from schools and educate students about their effect!

Published 21st January 2014 by Rachel Sharpe

Ban energy drinks from schools and educate students about their effect!

This week's news has discussed the impact which energy drinks have on students and their learning performance. Some would say that energy drinks are just as harmful as drugs and the drinks should be banned from schools! This article discusses this

We believe that young people need to be educated about the side effects of consuming large volumes of these drinks. School Speaker Hannah Bailey is a nutritionist who is passionate about health and wellbeing shares this talk with students. Hannah's details are here

School Speakers and Hannah have developed an enterprise day called 'Tuckshop Tycoon' which combines education about the need for health eating whilst helping students start their own enterprise business. Details about Tuckshop Tycoon are available here

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Information for parents and saving for their children,

Published 17th January 2014 by Rachel Sharpe

As parents ‘tighten their belts’ in the current economic climate, they also want to know what are the best saving schemes available for their children. Have a look at this article by Laura Henry for information.

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Happy New Year and welcome back !!

Published 2nd January 2014 by Rachel Sharpe

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

The School Speakers team would like to wish all students and teachers a very productive and successful 2014.

Our office ours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm 01924 277343 and

Please follow our updates on Twitter @schoolspeakers

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