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Girl Power

Published 11th November 2013 by Rachel Sharpe

Girl Power!

Girls Out Loud Founder Jane Kenyon is a serial entrepreneur, speaker and coach and leads a team of over 2000 volunteers at Girls Out Loud. She is a powerhouse on the female empowerment stage and a regular media commentator and blogger in this area. We are delighted that she is a School Speaker and her profile is here

Girls Out Loud is an award winning social enterprise and charity on a mission to raise the aspirations of teenage girls in the UK. We are passionate about potential and giving girls the
opportunity to connect with real role models, successful, confident women from all walks of life, as opposed to the negative array of celebrity and reality TV stars currently hot favourites in the classroom. We do this by creating and facilitating early intervention programmes in schools and communities that focus on improving self belief, self esteem, emotional resilience and body confidence. Our events, Big Sister mentoring programme and
Stardom intervention scheme are changing the landscape for teenage girls and helping to create the shining stars of tomorrow. Our teenage girls need to feel empowered more than ever today – over the past 10 years their world has changed dramatically and not always for the best – the internet, social media, reality TV, porn and the media pressure to conform to a certain look and BMI has seen an explosion in mental health and behaviour challenges including, self harming, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, bullying, drinking and
promiscuity, body hatred and inevitably depressed aspirations. To find out more about our work

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