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Careers Advice - Now Is The Time

Published 14th October 2011 by

As a topic close to my heart, I was pleased when research recently published by a vocational qualification exam board, showed that a quarter of teenagers have NEVER received any careers advice or guidance. How on earth can young people be expected to make decisions about their future when they’re not provided with any information in a consistent, objective manner!

Effective careers support and guidance is vital to teenagers when current issues surrounding university fees, apprenticeships and skills are at the forefront of students’ worries. Objective advice is key so that students know all of the options available to them.

At a time when we have record figures of young unemployed, advice for 16-18-year-olds is critical. This is why I started my School Speakers business – to provide a service that impassions and motivates young people; it provides them with much needed information and gives them the drive and belief to realise their potential to pursue their goals.

The government is now planning to create a new National Careers Service by April next year and schools will have a legal duty to offer careers advice to pupils. It is important that this happens and schools maintain this and don’t cut corners with costs. Face-to-face guidance and support is vital and this should be strongly and confidently delivered in order than teenagers get the best support they can.

I look forward to seeing schools pushing this initiative through with the courage and conviction that is required.

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