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Love Your City Challenge

Aimed at secondary school pupils, The Love Your City Challenge is an interactive product development workshop that will see students work in teams to create a tourism strategy and maps for their city.

The day will begin with each team allocating job roles and responsibilities, deciding on a corporate name and choosing a target audience for their company. With their target audience in mind, students will then move on to selecting the purpose of their company to create a buzz around their city and neighbourhood, and to drive economy. Each team is provided with information cards which will provide many facts and figures that could help a team find a Unique Selling Point, or a Transport Carbon Footprint advantage over their competitors.

Teams will also be provided with leaflets and maps, and a brief introduction presentation which will help them create this strategy and apply creative thinking to their task. This project applies learning in geography, history and marketing for the students to develop maps and leaflets that will create interest and information around the city or a select part of their city. This project also helps the students engage with their own place and neighbourhoods, and create social and economic value through this project.

Following product development, students will also need to calculate the cost of producing the leaflets and marketing using social media and websites as well as more traditional marketing techniques. Other tasks to complete will include the design of their corporate logo, developing a realistic sales and marketing strategy, designing a sales leaflet/poster and creating a five minute presentation to promote their enterprise.

This STEAM challenge can be delivered for up to 250 students and aims to provide insight into running a small business as well as developing skills such as confidence, team working, time management, communication, organisation, planning and presenting. The students will learn how create resources for engaging with their place and city, develop marketing and promotional materials/leaflets/websites, think about social and environmental impact and sustainability. They can choose one green area to develop it more to create a space for the elderly, children or any other group in the community.

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Min 30 students / Max 100 students

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Secondary School students


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