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A project based learning approach to key topics engaging students in the creation of their very own board game. The result of this workshop is a professional board game resource that can be used in PHSE and showcased to Ofsted.


  • 10 – 350 Students
  • Suitable for KS2 / KS3 / KS4 (slight change of content to suit audiences)


  • Extremely flexible delivery to suit school needs.

How it works:

Throughout the day students will work in small groups to complete their very own board game focussed on any key topic (eg British Values, Transition, Careers). Students are in complete control and go through 4 clear steps to create their own board game including research, branding, concepts and the final design. Each student will have clear defined roles at each stage. As a result of the day, a professional board game is designed, manufactured and delivered to the school.

Through project based learning students learn about a key topic, chosen by you, that could include anything from British Values, Careers, Transition, Numeracy etc. By researching their given area, students apply their learning into a playable board game suitable for a given target audience. As a result of the project, the students designs are taken away and a professional school branded board game is then produced and delivered to the school. This is usually used as a resource within PSHE or as a transitional tool. The result of the board game leaves a legacy in the school and can demonstrate to Ofsted the impact of the day emphasising any key learning outcomes.

Students in groups will develop the following skills in:

  • STEM
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Literacy
  • Presentation
  • Illustration
  • Design and Manufacture
  • Branding

We’re happy to run the workshop to suit the needs of any school and will create a project that works hitting any key learning outcomes desired – just get in touch!

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