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3 Key Skills

In today’s modern world self-leadership skills are no longer an option but an absolute necessity for success. The ability to engage effectively, motivate oneself, work with confidence, recover from setbacks and be personally accountable are all required. These abilities are not skills that everyone is magically born with but they are skills that can be developed.

3 Key Skills is a highly interactive and fun enterprise day designed specifically to teach 6th form students the 3 key skills every entrepreneur needs to succeed. Led by author and award winning motivational speaker Joy Marsden, students learn:

  • How to Step Up! Not just wait for things to happen around them. Understanding what it takes to reach the potential that lies within. Understanding that the world isn’t going to hand it to them on a plate.
  • How to Step Out! Making the right choices that help them to develop resilience and an ability to bounce back. Choosing ‘action' above ‘fear'.
  • How to Stand Out! Standing out with real integrity, to leaving a lasting impression that serves them well for today and the future. Understanding trust, truth and honour.

Students learn by taking part in an enterprise challenge giving them personal experience of the three key areas.

"Thanks for all of your work on the entrepreneurs of the future project. It's always fantastic to have you on board with such enthusiasm and professionalism. You're fantastic!"

– Katie Morris, Colleges Network Development Manager, University of Leicester

"Joy made us feel comfortable and at ease"

"I liked building up my own idea with my group"

"Amazing experience at the University'"

"The process of coming up with ideas to present a product was fun, strengthened our communications skills and teamwork skills"

– ​Student feedback provided by Isobel Woodliffe, University of Leicester, from 'Entrepreneurs of the Future' (Project)

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Full Day or Half Day session

Student Capacity

Between 25 and 120

Student Age

Sixth Form

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